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Asking For Prayer

Hello Everyone ,,, I am a 62 year old man name Guy ,, I am also a single dad ,, a recovering addict with 20 years clean. I lost a kidney to cancer over 10 years ago. Two years ago I had throat cancer and a tumor behind my nose. I am cancer free right now. But from the radiation treatments and the Kimo treatments ,,, I am dealing with the side effects from the treatments. I have problems wearing my dentures ,, I can eat some foods but I have to be very careful about what I eat because of my throat. I choke on some foods. They need to teach me how to swallow food again. I need my throat to heal so I can eat. I also have really bad head aches and I don't know what is causing them. LORD JESUS ,,,PLEASE HELP ME TO HEAL. So Many Things In Life I Would Like To Do. I want my son who lives with me to have a future.. Help Me Lord. Thank You For Your Prayers,,,, Guy W.