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Prayer Center

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please pray for us

I'm 40 years old and have cirrhosis of the liver and in stage 4. I have a 75-80% of this turning in to cancer of the liver and have been doing chemo. I was given 3 years to live January 2010. And I'm coming up on the 3 year mark. My family is having a really hard time watching me be sick. I try to not let it bother me or let me say hide as much as I can for them cause it gets them down so much. My husband lost his job November 2010 is and just got 1 but are still having hard to make enough money for us to live on. Cause I know God has not forgot about us. We are both Christians. He is just beside himself and always upset cause he feels he can't win.. But me I'm trying to stay up beat. Its so hard but I'm trying to not give up. I'm hanging on by a thread and on top of being sick cause of health problems worrying myself to death