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Prayer Center

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Marriage Restoration

My husband and I have been together going on 12 years on 01/23/13 and we have two girls (7 & 4). Our marriage has been rocky and divorce has been brought up out of anger many times. Recently on 12/31/12, my husband said he wanted a divorce and he moved some of his stuff out on 01/04/13. I have continued to follow God to the fullest and I do not want a divorce and I want marriage restoration w/ my husband w/ the foundation of God. I have been praying that God will soften my husbands heart and give him peace and clarity and will return home (soon). I don't want to live a legacy of divorce on my children and I want this marriage to work out. I am standing by my belief 110% and do not believe in divorcing my husband. Please pray with me for restoration of my marriage and for my husband to return. Thank you & God bless you.