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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • 3 year old pup needs a miracle

    My 3 year old pup is in dire need of a miracle and quite frankly , so am I . I am a grown man with a family but this 6 pound dog has stolen my compassion . She has kidney failure and the vet has wrote her off, but I just cannot . I am seeking any miraculous cure to prove God's mercy. She broke her pelvis at age one from an encounter with another dog and I have been her protector ever since . I was told her kidneys aren't eliminating waste and my wife and I have given her I.V . fluids for 3 weeks to no avail . To make things worse , our one last hope in a bottle was supposed to be shipped overnight but will now take a week . If you can send me a passage that will encourage or give me acceptance of the situation without making me feel like a failed protector then perhaps I can have peace . My greatest wish is feeling like I could reunite with my Lilly some day , somehow ....
    Thank you
  • Need guidance

    Prayer wanted for clarification about what to say to our 22 year old. Hubby & I want Lord's will as how/if we Ty to counsel her again or just pray and remain silent about a major change in her life
  • Addictions

    My husband has addictions and is not doing very well.
    Please pray for him and me.
    Thank you!
  • peace and wisdom

    Please pray for me to have peace and wisdom, and to make the best decisions for my family.
  • Peace/strength for me

    Pls pray I can sense Lord's peace with trusting husband to make wise decisions. He almost always makes good ones but this past year we've had major adjustments with our family & he senses we need another change in a year.
  • Prayer for Sons & daughter

    Pls pray our son know which way God is leading him with relationship & living (I want him with us w/o needing to pay is rent but hisband disagrees since he's 24). He just got full time min wage job but has car problems & needs to finish college
  • Financial

    I am asking for your prayers for financial recovery for my life, to pay off all of my bills, to fix my vehicles and my home.. Thank you very much for your prayers.!!
  • Husband guidance

    Pls keep praying my husband receives Lord's guidance on searching for different job or not
  • Daughter

    Pls pray hard our daughter will come back home with her
    2 year old until she gets married. She wants to move out of fiancées house & she can live with us.
    But since we live 4 hours away the baby's father is influencing her to stay with him. He doesn't want to marry
  • New job at home

    We haven't lived in our home town in years. I may have an opportunity to get a job back home and be by our family again. I pray that it's the Lord's will to send us back home.