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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Pray for friend who lost baby

    My daughters friend went into hospital yesterday to have her baby they have been trying for years and everything was going well the doctors have said the baby died a week before the cessarian was going to be performed. Please pray for her and her husbands strength in this terrible time. Their names are Roscille and Greg the baby was a boy going to be named Gjordon
  • Forgiveness

    I'm struggling with forgiveness... A guy who called himself my friend stabbed me in the back. And I'm having the hardest time forgiving what he's done and continues to do. It's caused me so much emotional pain and stress... Please please please pray that God helps me to forgive him and get rid of the bitterness in my heart. I'm trying so hard, but it's the hardest thing I have every tried to do. I need as much prayer as I can get. Thank you for all your prayers.
  • Please pray for my brother

    His name is Allen, he's 62 years old and he's an alcoholic. He's currently drinking himself to death. The police have picked him up twice passed out on the street. Both times they took him to a treatment center, but both time he turned down treatment and went home. He knows the Lord, but he's desperately unhappy and feeling alone. (He lives in another city from me, and his wife is currently in a care center, elsewhere.) I don't know how to help him, but God does. Please pray for God's hand in his life. Thank you!
  • Daycare, Worries, Stress

    Have to send my 8 month old to daycare tomorrow for the first time. My heart is breaking everytime I think about it. Been holding back the tear until tonight. Am so worried for my baby. Please let him be safe, is what I keep praying. I am still feeling blah and broken inside. Daycare is so expensive, we can barley pay for it, but I can't quit my job, cause of health insurance and it keep some money coming in. I feel like am loosing either way in my situations. I just need some help and some reassurance .
  • healing

    Please pray for my sister Linda. She is living in pain on a daily basis. Pain in her shoulders, neck, back, arms. She can not go on disability. She has too much debt. Please pray that God would work a miracle on her behalf. She is a real special lady. Thank you
  • pregnancy

    Please pray for young Brook. She is 20 weeks along. This is her first pregnancy. She is having a lot of anxiety and fear. Please pray for the best. Least amount of pain, that the baby is born healthy, and that she would find strength to get through. Thank you. God bless and be with you all. Amen
  • job search

    I am seeking a new job. Please pray I find a job where I have weekends off so I can stay home with my children as I am a single mother to five. I desperately need a job that pays well. I have a college education and need to support my family as I have no one to help me. Pray that doors open up and I am able to find a job that full fills all my financial needs.
  • My job

    I had a bad day today at work. I just started my job. Please pray I don't lose my job. Please pray I have a better day tomorrow.
    Thank you!
  • Frusterated ,, Help Lord

    I live in Spokane, Wa and my daughters and grand kids live in Kelso, Wa ,,, I miss them so much. I am on the computer every morning looking for a job down there. I want to move down there. I don't like my job here ,, people are mean and they don't pay me what I am worth. I am supporting me and my son on 10.72 an hour. My back is bad,I have lost a kidney to cancer and I am loosing my hearing and eye sight. Help Lord.
  • Please pray for my son

    His name is Edgar and he has court May 4th, he needs the intervention of God, unfortunally the system is so corrupted that they dont do their job right, my son is being charged for things dudnt happened but because cps got involved and the social worker made her own story he is in bug trouble. Please pray that true comes through and justice wins.