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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My Marriage

    My husband and I have been married for nearly 28 years. In September 2013 he started drinking and became abusive. He also got a girlfriend. It was becoming unsafe for me and I told him if he wanted a divorce to leave. But I still want my husband back. I pray that this father's day he will be miserable without his two grown sons and will want to come home. I also pray that he will stop drinking so he can come back because he is too violent and can't come back unless he stops. I miss him and I know God can reconcile this. Also, during this time one of my sons started drinking and is acting out in anger. He hasn't hit me but he has been destroying my house so I had to get a restraining order. We are talking now and trying to work things out. But he has a lot of anger and he blames me for the divorce. I pray that he will stop drinking and find healing.
  • Our marriage

    My husband is in a very dark place and wants to give up on our marriage. Satan is on attack. He will be moving out this evening. He is seeking a Christian counselor, please pray he connects with the counselor, humble himself and start to heal. My big prayer is for God to redeem our marriage and for us to have victory! Please pray for our young children who are hurting!!! Thank you!!!
  • Healing

    I am so stressed out. I just want a normal life. I would love to bless others but I am always having to deal with health problems and bills. I am so sick of migraines! I am praying that today is the day I am finally free from life's stresses and I am healed!
  • Thank You For Your Prayers

    Got back from doctor and my son's heart is fine.
    God does great things.
  • protection for grand daughter

    Please pray for protection for my granddaughter. My daughter has an anger problem and physically abuses my grand daughter. My daughter is mad tonight and I am afraid of what may take place. Please join me in prayer for the Lord to place angels around my granddaughter as a hedge of His protection!!! Please pray.
  • (no subject)

    Please pray for my son Edgar and my daughter Karen so they can get closer to God,
  • college finals

    please pray I pass my college finals with a 2.0 or better. If I don't I won't be able to return to school. I will lose my financial aid and I don't have the money to pay to attend. I only have 4 classes until I graduate. thank you.
  • Looking for a miracle

    My wife and I are expecting our second child, a baby boy, (Graham) in October and we had another doctors appointment a week ago and they found some fluid around Graham's heart and also found that the left side is losing its ability to pump blood to his to his body quicker than originally anticipated. They need to perform 3 different surgeries to repair his heart.
    They also confirmed my wife has vasa previa, which puts them both at high risk during birth. In normal circumstances they would be admitted at 32 weeks and taken for a c-section no later than 35 weeks. The issue with this is that Graham needs to be at least 38 weeks to survive the first heart surgery.
    Doctors says the survival rate is low and the possibility of his making it to 38 weeks is unlikely.
    Your prayers are appreciate now more than ever.
  • financial

    Hello.. I need a financial blessing.. I am getting a little further behind each month.. Thanks for your prayers.. God bless
  • Prayers for healing and recovery

    I would like to request prayers for my friends daughter. She is going through detox and counseling/therapy to help with recovery from drug addiction. Please pray that she is able to love herself and realize how much her friends and family love her. Please pray for physical, mental, and emotional healing. Jessie is only 19 years old and lost. Please pray that the Holy Spirit fills her with light and goodness. I want this precious girl to be brought back to her loved ones. The road will be a rough one for her and she needs all the encouragement and positivity to help her through. thank you