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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Wondering if I need to forgive the man that murdered my uncle

    Please pray for the guy that killed my uncle. Please pray for my family to forgive him, and this young man to forgive himself. That God would bless him and draw him near to to Him. Also,l I don't know if I need to forgive him or not. This happened about 12-14 years ago, and I just started thinking about this young man last weekend, kind of out of nowhere. I dont know if I've ever dealt with it. Do I need to forgive him even if I dont feel like I'm harboring resentment? Am I in denial? I've probably said mean things about him before, I just dont remember. The young guy that killed my uncle, was my uncle's son's best friend...came right in and shot my uncle while he was sleeping. Please pray for the man, my family and myself. Thank you.
  • Finances

    Please say a prayer for me. I need gas to get to interviews and I am down to my last dollar. Please pray God will do a miracle.
  • Healing

    I have a doctors apt at 2:30 today for a biopsy . Please pray it is not cancer ! I pray that god will show me grace and mercy and allow me to live a long life serving him . I am 29 and the thought of cancer is really stressing me out . Please pray for peace and healing . Thank you !!!
  • My nephew Tony

    My nephew is a diabetic and has battled seizures in the past and was on his way to Phoenix when the TSA wouldn't allow him to bring his premade food on board. While on the plane his sugar levels dropped and when he got off in Phoenix he seized right above a 3 story escalator and fell while in the seizure. He has a broken jaw, crack vertebrae lacerations, broken ribs. He is a severe diabetic and has done really well with diet and medication. The problem will be his ability to heal and he is having to have nero surgery on his neck then wire in his jaw. All of this will depend on his sugar levels.. Please pray for his healing and full recovery!

    Thank you.