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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Guidance to change job

    Pls pray I sense Lord's timing to change my job or not. If so, when & where
  • Son needs job soon

    Pls pray our 24 year old son gets the right job soon that will provide his needs & allow time for church & school
  • Daughter relationship l

    Pls pray our daughter has desire to serve Lord again & stop comprising with her fiance & trust Lord with her future
  • Israel

    Please pray relentlessly for the protection and blessings of Israel on a continual basis at this crucial time. Pray that for every single person & group who opposes/protests (name calling, etc.) or who attempts to boycott (hurting their economy), MANY more would rise up and support in tangible ways. Please be willing to speak out on their behalf (their are numerous ways to do this) and show Washington and President Obama that we will not turn our backs on Israel. Also, please pray specifically for the protection and encouragement of Prime Minister Benjaimin Netanyahu, Ambassador Ron Dermer, etc. Thank you SO MUCH.