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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • for my boyfriend to not work so much

    For dave to stop working so much and to talk more. And we have talked about marriage. Ask God to put that on his heart. And to strengthen our relationship with God. Thank you so much. God bless u all.
  • Child Custody Battle

    I separated with my baby's father in April because we both need to seek help in order to have a healthy relationship. Right now, we are going through a huge custody battle. Keep in mind, I'm only 19 years old. Our daughter is 3 months old. Im heart broken to what this battle has become. Im going to counseling to let me seek help in becoming a better person and help fight my depression and anxiety. I want to pray for my ex... I want him to seek help and for him and I to work things out.
  • Fear

    i am going thru extreme, severe anxiety. My dr just prescribed Prozac, i pray that this will help me.
  • pray for daughter

    Requesting urgent prayers for my daughter who I fear is in real trouble. Please God take care of her and bring her back safely.
  • In the heart of the Storm....

    I am in a storm of life right now...troubles are everyday...its not just small things, but everything...job, marriage, family, money, am feeling the waves of doubt run over me...I need prayers to bring my focus back to God, I know , I read, but I don't FEEL what it is that I need. Please pray for me. Thank you everyone. God bless.
  • Husband

    Please pray for my husband to fall in love with Jesus again. Please pray he would spend time in His word again. Pray that he looks to and seeks Jesus in everything so that he can be the man God has called him to and brings honor to Him and he can lead his family rightly.
  • update on Sarah

    They arrested Sarah yesterday morning. Over court fees that she owes. I know that she is reaping what she sowed. But please pray for her. Pray that God would save her life. She needs to give up meth. And that is going to be hard. She needs a miracle from God. We tried to separate her from the people in her life that keep her in addiction. But that was not possible. I pray that she would choose God over meth. And find God in all this. Thanks in advance to those who pray. I pray that God would reach her in jail, and that she would give her life to him. In Jesus name. Amen
  • financial

    Please pray that God will give me a financial blessing.. I am like $8000 dollars in debt.. On a limited salary.. I am trying to find a job.. Please pray that I will find the right job, soon, to start working through some of the debt.. And that my interview will go well.. That the employer will show me favor.. Thank you.. Gods blessings to all
  • Billy Ringer going into surgery Monday

    Id like You all to Pray for My Son in law,Billy Ringer, He found out has tumors, in his stomache..hes been puking blood & it's unknown all details of Why? He's scared. Please Pray ,He gains courage, & has Faith in God, I think he praying 2would be good..& pray all goes well in surgery.The More people Praying makes it much stronger, as you all know... Also, very much appreciated...
  • Teenage daughter

    Please pray for my daughter, Melodie. She is struggling with confusion over her sexuality, wondering if she is bisexual. Please pray for a release of any strongholds that Satan could have over her and that God will be glorified.