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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • new relationship

    After being single for many years I met a man last weekend. We both are Christian and we have the same values. I am divorced since 2009& I am a little scared of starting a new relationship. I also seem to do or say something wrong and dating is very different from 25 years ago. I am asking for prayers of blessing on this new budding relationship. Please pray the Lord blesses this friendship and that it grows into a strong bond of love and faithfulness. The man I met also is divorced and has trust issues. I am asking for prayer that I am able to trust my new friend and he trust me. In Jesus' name I pray. thank you for praying for me.
  • My daughter Kylee

    My wife (Kylee's mom) passed away in February 2012 and Kylee (age 32) and her were real close. Kylee and her boyfriend are both drug addicts and were before mom died and she continues to struggle with addiction and is in treatment. Her boyfriend has been a terrible influence on her and tries to separate her from her family. I remarried and Kylee will not accept my new wife Rachel and makes our lives very difficult. Kylee has a son who is age 6 that we are now raising because Kylee's life is so chaotic and she has been pretty much homeless for the last few years.

    Please pray for Kylee that she will separate from her boyfriend and come to accept Jesus in a more personal way and will accept Rachel as a friend who can help her. Pray that Kylee will find a place to live and can take her son back. We love her so much and she has so much potential!
  • new Job

    I need to find a better paying job to support my family. More hospital bills came in the mail yesterday. I would not like to go to collections. WE need extra funds. Please help me find a better job Lord.
  • Son,Brother,Friend,Uncle,Husband & Daddy

    For my dear husband of almost 9years to be on fire for Jesus!!! For us to be able to pray together as husband&wife and for the kids to see their daddy be the godly man he was created to be:)
  • Please pray for my son

    His name is Edgar and he has court May 4th, he needs the intervention of God, unfortunally the system is so corrupted that they dont do their job right, my son is being charged for things dudnt happened but because cps got involved and the social worker made her own story he is in bug trouble. Please pray that true comes through and justice wins.
  • Relocation

    My husband got a new job out of state. We are excited to move, but are overwhelmed with the road ahead. Sell our home, pack, and find a new home for our family. The rental market is very tight in this area and we are having a hard time finding a place to rent. Please pray that we here Gods leading, he will guide our path. Thank you
  • Marriage

    My husband has so many addictions he is fighting right now and it has hurt us a lot. We r going on a marriage retreat this weekend please pray for us to find a way to keep our marriage together
  • My sweetheart

    Please pray for my sweetheart. His job is creating incredible amounts of stress, he is struggling so hard to see where God is in all of this. It's creating problems with his blood pressure and anxiety, and is spilling over into his life outside of work. Lord Jesus, please show him the way, and may he feel Your presence in every moment! Amen
  • My nephew

    My young teenage nephew was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Please keep him in your prayers for healing, and for comfort and guidance for him and his family. Blessings to you all, thank you so much!
  • overwhelmed

    Please pray for me .
    Feeling very anxious and overwhelmed.

    thank you