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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • thank you

    Last week I asked for prayers for my daughter's friend's Dad who had a massive heart attack.
    We received word last night that he went to Heaven.
    Praise God!
    Thank you for praying the family through.
  • a needful time

    Please pray for my mom, Dawn. She will be in the hospital on Friday and won't have anyone to take care of her as I am unable to come to her and help. We are both in dire straights. Please pray everyone is kind to her at the hospital and that someone would be able to help her with preparing meals while she is in recovery. Pray too that God will take care of all her needs during this time so she isn't stressed. In Jesus name Amen.
  • alan

    please pray for Alan. that he will win custody of his son so he can be raised in a godly home and that the divorce will be in his favour.
  • Prayers for my mom

    Please pray for my mom Darlene, she has just been told her biopsy of a tumor was positive and that the tumor metastasized, so she has cancer somewhere in her body. Please pray that the doctors did a good job on her second biopsy and find where the cancer is. She will find out tomorrow if the cancer was in her second biopsy. I ask for healing from God, I pray that my mom is willing to try foods that have anti-cancer qualities and maybe even supplements. I am scared for her having to go through chemotherapy and radiation, I pray that my mom is guided by God through all of this and that doctors are given intuition about where the cancer is. I pray my mom has wisdom and the doctors have wisdom on what to do. I pray that my mom grow's in her faith and that all my family and relatives grow in faith and are touched by God as well as all who are concerned and come into contact with my Mom.