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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Husband

    My husband is in the hospital with a lung condition. He is breathing much better now. Please pray for a complete healing and that he will be able to come back home soon.
  • Friends sisters kids

    My best friend just texted me that her sisters ex husband won't let her put their three young children in Christian school. He insists that they go to public school. He says he'll go to court before they go to Christian school and my friend is scared that the court would want the kids in public school. Please pray for these kids and their mom.
  • Need Help Lord

    I found a 2 bed room Apt. ,, 8 blocks from my daughters and grand kids in Kelso,Wa . I live in Spokane ,, 6 hrs away. There are 2 applications in front of me. I want this move so bad Lord. My Heart wants to be with my daughters and my grand kids. Help Me Lord ,,, Help Me ... Thank You All For Your Prayers.
  • healing

    I am asking for your prayers for my sister in law Kim that she be healed from the cancer that we just found out about today.. Please pray that her treatment has our Father Gods hands all over her treatment.. Thank you very much for your prayers...!!!!
  • need prayer

    please pray for my friend , who is sick, and can't eat any thing except meat and vegetables, and for my youth leader who has been going through a lot in the past two months. both of them have multiple family members who are not Christians, please pray for them. also, please pray for Dave, Mackenzie, Ari, Austin, Kyle f., and Madison, all of whom are not Christians. also, please pray for me, I need braces for both years of middle school, please help insurance to cover it and for them not to hurt too much. Thank you!
  • Guidence for my son

    Please pray for my son Samuel, he is having a hard time to decide what to major in college. I pray he will hear Gods guidence and direction for his life and not lean on his own understanding. Thank you.

    Please pray that my son can get a loan for a truck so he has reliable transpiration. the other truck has a lot of issues and cost more to fix than worth. He needs to have a reliable car or truck for his daughter.
    So I as in the Lords name that the bank and the car lot works with him to make it possible

    thank you Lord

  • Fires

    Please keep the Spokane Indian reservation in your prayers while the fire is raging as well as the other areas on fire in Washington State.
  • Worry

    I'm struggling with fear. I know that God is there for me, but I'm having a hard time right now. My husband has been sick a lot. I'm worried that he's going to end up in the hospital again. I cannot let go of the fear that I'm going to lose him. I don't know where to go from here. I'm struggling and I don't want to.
  • Home

    Please pray that God will find us a home.