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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • prayer for my family as we face eviction

    Pray for my family as we face eviction from our home. pray for new housing, pray for salvation of my family as we seek your glory in this matter. God please bless us in this time of pure grief
  • sick

    I've been really sick the past few days with either the flu or a bad chest cold, I've had to miss a couple of days of work and can't afford to miss anymore.
  • depression

    i need help with my depression please pray that i may be free from it been suffering for about 10 years
  • Mom

    Please pray for my mom. we have been waiting for the answer to her hearing for ssi, we have been fighting for 8 years now and my moms health is getting worse, recently she has had trouble breathing and the stress is really making it worse. Please pray for her health and a positive answer. If you wouldn't mind praying for me and my spiritual health as well. I seem to be just doing 360s Ill have a couple good days then just be in a terrible state. thank you and God Bless
  • Serious Heart Problems

    Please pray for a family friend (Jack) whose heart recently stopped 4 times. He is also having some other health issues. Please pray that he would receive the very best care by the very best & caring hospital staff and that God would heal him and extend his days. Please pray that his wife would be comforted and have peace. Their son-in-law also just had a stroke, so please pray for him, too. It's a very stressful time. I genuinely appreciate the prayer!
  • Dire

    I am going to lose my insurance and I need it for my job. Please God send the missing money as soon as possible. I am not sure why this is happening.
  • Nightmares

    Please pray for me, I've been having too many nightmares and they just get worse and worse. I used to sleep and have no dreams at all but the last few months I keep having nightmares. Please say a prayer for me.
  • Sleeplessness

    Please pray as I am having hives and can't sleep anymore.
  • Mom

    Please pray for my moms health, she has not been feeling well lately she works 6 days a week sometimes 12 hours a day. Her feet hurt really bad and her body is getting weak. Thank you
  • Daughter

    I would like to request prayer for my daughter who has left her family, kids and is not doing well she's into drugs and alcohol. haven't heard from her for some time and I'm getting increasingly concerned for her safety and will being. Usually I hear something. I would like to once again request a prayer from the prayer warriors in a call done in the past I really really appreciate it. That God would touch her life where she was at and bring her back to him and to us we really miss her