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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Andrea and Chuck

    Thank you for prayers for my daughter Andrea and her husband Chuck as they need restoration and a right relationship with Jesus. She now has employment and he needs to help in work at home and to know that sarcasm is cruel and that adultery is as wrong as her backsliding spiritually. I entrust both of them to God and praise you for answered prayer.
  • Need some prayers

    Can you pray over me? I feel so tired and depressed I can't do a thing and praying for myself isn't helping. Stress from bills and life has really done a number on me. I am breaking out in hives from the stress. I have medicine for it but medicine won't stop the stress so the hives keep coming back. I need some positivity and hope. Thanks for reading and praying!
  • Second chance

    Could you please pray The Lord would find mercy with me and give me second chance. I've sinned and have asked God for forgiveness and have repented. I desperately need mercy and grace!
  • Tires

    Please pray God will help me replace 3 bald tires. I don't have the money for them. I never have enough money for the necessities. I need a miracle. I have no one to help me and no one to turn to. Thanks
  • After nearly 21 years on the job, I was let go the 25th of May 2014

    Please pray that I find the job that God would provide. I've been a night cashier at a AM PM mini market, in Yakima, from June 4th, 1993 to May 25th, 2014. I'm 11 years deep in a 20 year mortgage, so, I really need a job. I'm in my fifties, and afraid no one will want me. Please pray for me.
  • God's Protection and Encouragement

    I felt a calling from God to go to Summer Bible College and will be leaving in a week. I am excited, nervous and a bit scared! There were a lot of forks in the road but God made it possible for me to go. Even though I am trying to trust God with everything, please pray that God blesses me with absolute peace, protection on the way, there and back and also to just be there to guide me. I pray to be an example there!
  • Spiritual attack

    I've had a pretty rough day and work want that bad! I feel like I've been under attack all day and I'm getting ready to go to bed. Please pray for protection as I sleep. I am trusting God with some really big things right now: finances, employment, and relationships. I really need to just lay these things down but it's like prying them out of a vice. I want peace ever lasting.
  • Son battling drug and alcohol addiction

    Please pray for my son; that he will turn to his faith in God for strength to fight the demons that surround him.
  • Healing

    I am having a severe allergic reaction to pollen. It hasn't ever been this bad. My medication is helping a bit, but I'm so ill.
  • mercy

    my grandson has to go in front of the judge tomorrow, please pray the judge will have mercy on him. and keep him on the HYDA program and not give him more jail time. He is getting his life together with the Lord and needs direction and the Lords help. thank you cathy