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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • spiritual strength

    I have all my trust and hope in our lord Jesus I know he has everything under control I have seen and believe in the power of prayer I consider my self to be strong spiritually but we all need prayer no matter on what level of maturity we are in we need each other to make it in our walk with the lord when we encounter difficulty I cant really explain what is going on but I find my self feeling tired and exhausted at times please pray for my spiritual strength thank you all for taking the time to pray for me I really appreciate it once again =THANK YOU & GOD BLESS=
  • Child of God diagnosed with cancer in Female parts

    Please join me in prayer for Chani she has been diagnosed with cancer and needs a lot of Gods help now Thank you
  • Job and health

    Applied for job as intern supervisor at EWU. Want this very much! Also continued healing for broken foot from diabetic foot disease. Asking for God's favor & blessing for these.
  • Trust property

    I have a trust that is run by Wells Fargo bank and they are forcing the sale of the property for much less then it is worth, and are being completely secretive about it. I have little to say about it that won't cost me tons of money with atty's that I do not have. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will intervene on my behalf. Thank you and God bless.
  • Tithe

    I misplaced more than $100 in tithe money. If you could please pray that I would find it.
  • marriages

    Within the past year 5 could who are friends of my husband and I have divorced.
    My heart is so heavy for broken marriages right now.
    Please pray with me for wisdom and guidance as to if and how we are to help struggling marriages.
  • 1000 signs from the pits of hell that TURNED into God's WILL.

    I had a breakdown back in February that openly allowed the Holy Ghost to move mountains in my life, quite literally. Publically sharing my testimony with the world of continuous disbelief, the enemy used the vulnerability with my beloved family which removed me from comfort to suffer, for the first time in my life being as people would prefer to as “alone”, and I say this in such a manner due to the fact that we truly are never left low and dried out to completely crumble and wear away with shame, regret, and doubt. My prayer request from then to this current moment is that Christ Jesus opens the doors to His Will for the calling that He has planned, a resting nest, a place where I’m no longer in a storage unit. I know that our God is mighty to be praised regardless of the obstacles we face, and the tiny nerve that moves His mighty hand in prayer with many, answers quickly.
  • heaven

    The little girl that I asked for prayer for this morning has gone to heaven!
    Please pray also for her Dad as he is in serious condition. And for their family that Gods arms hold them tight.
  • Full body healing

    I like to have a full body healing from this strep throat dehydration from constipation from my stomach not having heartburn and acid and all that good stuff all my on my back problems my shoulder problems my knees I like to see a healing over me so I can stop taking medication I do not like the effects on me thank you and amen
  • God's Mighty power and conviction

    Please pray for our Christian Fellowship/Bible study I have been doing all I can to lead these men in the truth of God but seems as if only a small select few are realizing the truth of the Lord and some are getting into Gossiping and sinful intentions. Please pray that the Lord will Reprove and Convict and do a mighty humbling in thier hearts to show them the extremities of their actions, words and states of their hearts. Please pray that Jesus would do such a mighty thing to help them see what they are doing and that the word of God would effect their lives!

    thanks so much
    God Bless