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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • anxiety

    Please pray for me to be released from this fear. I need peace. I need my life back. I have constant anxiety about anxiety. I'm afraid of being afraid. I pray about it a lot and now I need your help.
  • Prayer, that what I say will be in God's will

    Today, I was listening to the 700 Club and Gordon and Wendy were praying and Wendy had a word of knowledge about someone who was just diagnosed with cancer. She said that God said He is bigger than any cancer. I claimed that word for my husband and then when he got up from his nap I told him about the word and I said that I had claimed it for him. Then, I started to worry that I might have spoken ahead of God and that that might cause my husband to become discouraged if this wasn't a message for him. Please pray with me that what I said will not be something to cause him to be discouraged. I know that God is able to heal him, if it is according to His time and will. Help me to know God's peace about what I said and that I will say only what God wants me to say.
  • family emergency

    Hello.. Could you please pray for my brother in law Ed ? He was admitted to the hospital last night.. We are not sure yet rather he had a stroke or what.. But I went to see him today.. And normally he is very sharp.. Today he is just really confused, not himself.. He also has an infection in his legs, do to the fact he had prostrate surgery.. My sister does not drive.. So, it will be a tremendous hardship if he passes on.. Not to mention, I really care about the man.. He is just a very nice guy.. Thank you so much for praying.. God bless
  • daughter & granddaughter

    My daughter(46) & granddaughter(13) are currently homeless. They are staying at the UGM shelter but are hoping to find a place to live. My daughter is a recovering drug addict, but there have been lots of ups and downs through the years. Her daughter is very full of anger and feels like if she doesn't have a permanent place to live that she just wants out. Both are Christians but please pray that they will turn to God instead of their anger and blame of other people. My daughter is afraid to trust anyone who says they will help because of what has/hasn't happened in the past. She also needs a job. I know God is a strong God and can resolve this issue. I pray His will will be done and that it will coincide with what will also make them happy again. Thanks for your prayers.
  • need God to help

    Pray for Jim and Yung and our families (and those we love too). Pray God will heal and cure us completely and keep us from now on. Pray God will also do a very GREAT work BY the HOLY SPIRIT in us as long as He keeps us alive. And pray God will also help us in EVERY area of our lives too. – no email here.
  • Sister and cancer treatments Praise!

    Thank you for your prayers! My sister Karin has been diagnosed with Cervical cancer level IIIb. This was also spread to her urinary tract and this morning stents are surgically being placed in her urinary tract to keep her kidneys working. She will be going through 5 weeks of intense radiation and chemo. She was pretty much homeless and our cousin, who is a retired surgical nurse from the very same hospital, has taken her into her home. Thank you! She has also been approved for Medicaid as she has had no job or insurance. My sister struggles with decision making and having my cousin there is a big blessing. My sister is in and will be going through a lot of pain. Please pray for all health care workers everywhere.
  • prayers please

    Please pray for my health I work in the medical field and sometimes medical personal come incontact with stuff, well I had a positive result on a test, so more blood work needs analized please just pray that this situation clears up and that I am fine.
    Also I am trying to get out of one work place and go to another I just need prayers for the lord to guide me into making the right decision for my self and my family thank you
  • missing friend

    Over the weekend we had a tragic accident at our camp site on the river and one of our dear friends is missing. Please pray with me for her to be found and peace and comfort for her family and friends.
  • Possible eviction

    I am a single aunt raising my 2 nephews with little support. I do work full time but I had a financial emergency a few months ago and I can't seem to catch up. My rent is past due and my landlord is no longer willing to work with me. I don't have the rent and now I'm facing possible eviction this week. I have tried getting help but there is none out there. My nephews have been thru a lot in their lives and I'm scared that we will be homeless. I have prayed for answers on what to do. I know prayer works and I'm in need of extra prayer to be sent up. Thank you for reading this.
  • Daughter having heart surgery

    Marcie, in her 20's, is having heart surgery as I type this. Pray that all goes well. Thank you.