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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • future husband

    Pray that God aligns the desires of my heart to his path for my life. I am seeking wisdom in a relationship I am in with a man I have been dating for 3 years. I love him very much and we have become close, however he is on the fence on moving the relationship forward and I am not patient anymore. Please pray that God speaks to my boyfriend about our relationship. I ask that my future husband is a man of God, faithful and loyal to me and seeks a commitment with me. Pray that God helps me find the right husband and leads that man to me. I trust that the Lord will send me spouse to enjoy life with if that is his will. Thank you for praying.
  • Pastor's Family

    I am asking prayers for my Pastor's Wife's family. Her grandfather was just diagnosed with brain cancer and he is unsaved. Please pray for healing and salvation.
  • Sister needs prayers please

    My sister is in poor health. The doctors do not know what is wrong with her. She also has very bad teeth, but has no dental insurance. She went to a free clinic recently where they pulled two abscessed teeth without any Novocain! They just rubbed an “oragel” type of stuff on her gums. Her husband is a drunk, always spending their money on beer, etc. He got arrested a few months ago for drugs, goes to court next month. We are very close, talk often on the phone. She is a good person, believes in God. It scares me when she says things like “I am just too tired to fight anymore. You are the only reason why I struggle to wake up each day.”
  • my son

    Please pray for my son who has been detained. We need a miracle from God