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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Guidance & Wisdom

    Hello. I have extensive experience in teaching. I am from Florida. I have no family up here because I am now divorced. I have a 12 year old daughter that was born and raised up here. I would like to either move closer to friends and extended family in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee or closer to a friend in Colorado (or VA). I don't have any idea where to look for a job with all of this in mind. I would like prayer for guidance and wisdom as to where to look and apply. I want to know that my choice will be the right one for my daughter and me as well as our overall future.
    Also I would like prayer for finances and for peaceful relations with my ex-husband as well as for a potential future relationship (possible new husband).
  • Provision

    Thank you so much for taking time to pray with me. It is assuring that God is with us as we pray. Please pray with me for great favor. I am not worthy, but I know we serve a merciful God. I ask that our Father bless us with great strength, wisdom, guidance, love and peace that passes understanding. God bless you and keep you!

  • Car broken Into last night 12/28

    Last night my car was broken into and quite a few things were stolen including $120 in cash and my passenger window was destroyed. Please pray for the person who stole from me. Please pray that they would be convicted and God would bring him/her into his Kingdom. And the impossible, what was taken from me would be returned. Please pray for God's will to be done in this situation. Please pray my car would not be stolen now that the window is broken and it is possible that they have a spare key from the inside of the car. Thank you!
  • Grandson

    Pls pray Hubby (gladly) desires me to help with grandson as long as daughter needs us & he stops being resentful about this
  • New job needed in new area

    Pls pray Lord gives me a new job soon in the town we will move to
  • marriage

    Please pray for the marriage of James and Mercy. That we will be able to come up with the debt we owe, to not only stay together.. But to start and provide for our family.. Thank you.. I also wanted to keep the prayers going for Amanda and her baby.. That Amanda would not lose heart.. That her baby would learn to breathe and eat, eat and breathe at the same time.. And I can't speak for everybody, but I have been praying every time I think about it.. God save your heart and family Amanda.. And I hope your baby has a full and happy life.. And that God will take care of your financial, and spiritual needs in this time.. God bless you and your family.. I am praying for everybody here.. Hope you all get a miracle.. Amen
  • Self control

    Please pray for me to have self control with eating. I constantly turn to food for instant gratification. I feel like I'm controlled by it and yet I know I have the resurrection power on my side and don't use it:/ please will go to the Lord on my behalf? I need freedom from this
  • Spouse

    Please pray my spouse would turn back to Jesus. Please pray they would have self control.
  • school

    I love going to my school but some of my classmates use bad language. They use it quietly enough that the teacher doesn't hear it. It is starting to get really annoying so if you could pray for them and all the staff at the school
  • peace, trust, recovery

    I ask that you pray for me, that I develop a heart of trust in the Lord to fill all my needs. I am terribly depressed, first Christmas without my spouse in 30 years. The bills are piling up and I am so tempted to ignore, or create more debt, or just give up. I thank God that my daughter still needs me so much - my kids keep me here on earth, but Lord, I am so tired. He tells me not to be afraid, but I am weak and at times terror overtakes me. Strengthen my faith O Lord, and my resolve to just do the next right thing. Let my weeping find an end. AMEN