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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • feeling like my prayers will never be answered

    I have alot going on with one of my children and some seperate issues going on with my husband. I have been in this season for 6 years now and things only seem to feel like they are getting worse! I have prayed and given the stuff out of my control over to God, I kind of feel like he has forgotten me. Or maybe i am not praying the right way, i just feel so hopeless right now, thanks for any prayers...
  • money needs

    please pray for Michael for money blessing and to get out of debt and a second job thank you.
  • Labor day weekend!

    Hi my brothers and sisters at KEEH please say a prayer for me that GOD will keep me safe this holiday weekend homeless in NYC at 68 years of age has become more and more dangerous.GOD richly bless you brother danny 8/26/14
  • Worrying about my heart

    Feel like I am having heart palpitations due to stress. Please pray for me!
  • anxiety

    hi folks.. I am having a bunch of anxiety.. Could you please say a prayer for me ? I appreciate it.. Tomorrow I have to go to the bank and take care of some things.. I think that is what is causing it.. It would be nice to be free from anxiety.. Unfortunately, I have social anxiety disorder.. God bless everyone
  • Insurance games

    A tree fell on my family's house in the second of the storms that just hit the Spokane area, and now we get to play insurance games! My mom always says that a game should be fun for everyone, but this is definitely NOT. Currently my family of six is living in a motel, we have three bedrooms with a tiny kitchenette. It's been four weeks now, and we are only just beginning to get any real response from our insurance company. Prayer would be much appreciated! We would like to at least know where we will be living for the next six months...
    Please pray that we would have favor in our agent's eyes, and that he would be able to get things moving!
  • change jobs or retire

    Have been having stress and problems at work. Haven't been happy there for years and now I am tired, depressed. Have been praying for financial help and have been wanting to do something different. Thank you for your prayers.
  • I need a job

    I have been trying all summer to get a teaching job, and I haven't found one yet. Please pray that God will open the right door for me.
  • Strength and healing

    Prayers for my friend Nikki and her family as their dad recovers from an accident and is currently in the ICU. Please pray that God is with them and can provide the support, strength and healing they need during this time of chaos and unknown.
  • Prayer for my husband

    An update on Chuck. He is back in the hospital. The hospital did tests and a CAT scan. The ER doctor and a surgeon felt that there was a blockage in his large bowels or if the blood wasn't getting to his bowels. When the surgeon opened him up everything was OK. Now, Chuck is dealing with his bowels not working. He hasn't been able to pass the gas. Also, the small intestines have air bubbles in the lining caused by an infection. They are giving him large doses of antibiotics. He has a gastric tube down his nose into his stomach to remove stuff from his stomach and liver. They won't remove the tube until he is able to pass the gas. I know that my God is able to heal him and have him able to pass the gas. Please pray with me that this will be done for the glory of my Awesome God.