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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Update on my husband Chuck and my niece, Debbie

    Chuck has done much better today. He was able to get up and walk the halls of the hospital floor. They took him off the self-medicating pump and he was able to maintain a fairly good pain level. It isn’t down to zero, but his pain level is about a 1 to 2 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst. He was also able to sit up for about 5 minutes, which he hasn’t been able to do since Wednesday. There is a good possibility that Chuck may get to come home tomorrow. Oh, God is so good all the time. All the time, God is good! My niece, Debbie had her surgery yesterday, and they only removed her toes, not her foot as well. They will be putting a prostheses on for balance. They also found that she an irregular heart beat. Please pray for that. My sister Shirley needs prayer for her one Kidney. It isn't functioning well.
  • Ebola

    Hello.. I am sure you are all praying about the Ebola outbreak ? I have a couple friends from west Africa.. Their names are Mercy and Sandra.. I just ask that you could please pray for them ? That they don't get this terrible disease.. Sandra is doing missionary work there.. I also ask that you could pray she would get a financial blessing.. It is getting to the point she is not having the money to meet her needs.. And I thank you for praying for them.. God bless you
  • Cofused

    Hello, I would be glad if anyone out there could say a prayer for me. Am soo confused I don't even know the direction my life is headed. I am literally at sea. Thank you for praying. :)
  • relationship

    I am moving and I have a boyfriend in my current town and I am going to miss him very much. He has been more attentive to me since I found out I am moving; however, I believe this is putting us at a cross roads. I love him very much and my heart is breaking that I have to move. please pray for this relationship and peace for me. thank you.
  • moving job offer

    Please pray for my family. I am a divorced mother of five and I was offered a job that I accepted out of town paying five times my wages locally. My teenage daughter is not happy about moving and threatening to live with her father who lives with his girlfriend and her 6 children. I want all my children to live together with me. They will still see their father very often & more in the summer. My daughter has become very disrespectful and self centered about moving. We are planning on moving at the end of the month. Please pray my ex husband does not prevent me from moving. This is an opportunity for my future financially as well as a career promotion.
  • prayer for a friend

    my best friend he is a diabetic he got a sore on his foot and its so bad that they mite have to cut his foot off before it go's into the bone to save his leg . I'm scared that he mite take he's life over this he lives alone . he no's god very well . so please pray that he will have pace. and feel the love of god right now. and that he will start to feel healing start. his first name is JIM

    thank you
  • Cont Prayer for my new job

    Hello :) I just wanted to come on here and pray for all of you and to ask for continued prayer for my new job. I just need prayer to be able to have wisdom from The Lord to make quick and wise decisions and to be able to understand everything about the job. Like Solomon prayed for, I would like wisdom in my job as well. I also pray that God helps me to get a long with all of my new co-workers and that they can see the light of Christ in me. I am used to being a stay at home mom who has spent that last few years staying home and worshiping and praising The Lord with my little 2 year old girl. I also ask for prayers for wisdom for my husband who just became stay at home dad. Roles have been reversed and we just pray for The Lord to bless this new role reversal. So, if you can pray for him too, that would be great! Thank you so much and God bless all of you!
  • Please pray for our income situation

    My daughter has health issues and we needs to travel to take her to doctor's appointments with out insurance we can't. I just had surgery on my left knee on 7/30/2014. I too need to travel. Then above all thing our car broke down 110 miles away from home. They want 500$ to fix it but only need half on down payment and then we have two months to pay the rest. So that is a blessing but we need the down payment and we do not have family that we can ask.

    Please pray that things work out today. That the car is able to be fixed. My hubby will not have a way to get to work if it doesn't.

    If anybody can help pray for the help of others to help with the car I would be so happy. I am freaking out but I know that the Lord will provide we just have to ask.

    Thank you

  • grandson

    Please pray for 15 month old Sawyer tonight. His parents took him to the ER because he seems to be in a great deal of pain and has been on and off hysterical all evening and everything tried has failed to comfort him. Pray for his young parents as they deal with the issues of their child in pain and the helplessness, worry, fear and confusion they are feeling.
  • Pray for Gary P.

    My father is asking for prayer for a co-worker named Gary P. Gary has colon cancer and is having major surgery on Monday 8/4. Prayers are needed for Gary and his family. "We have all experienced the power of prayer, so let's have faith in HIS WORD!"