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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Provide

    Please pray that God will provide me the money for a pair of shoes. I have plantar fasciitis and need a comfortable pair. Also prayer for me to organize my house. I am injured all over, get terrible migraines and organizing really hurts me. I can't afford to hire someone so I am praying God will give me the strength of regular person to get it done and the wisdom to do so in a way that will make it easy to keep it up. Thanks!
  • Husband guidance

    Pls pray The Lord will guide my husband with some work decisions
  • Prayer for work & son

    Need prayer for Lord to give supervisor wisdom with some creative scheduling at work....we have some employees needing to change hours & it is complicated...also for one of my sons to finish strong at college & make another Christian friend & go back to church soon
  • Daughter facing sinus tumor surgery

    My daughter Samantha (29) in Spokane is facing sinus surgery. Dr. said this type of tumor is someimes associated with bone cancer although still waiting for ct scan. She is a single mom of 2 small children and has to work 50+ hrs a week. Please pray for dissolvement of tumor, health, healing, protection,strength, peace...as the Holy Spirit leads. Thank you-may the Lord bless you
  • Trust and patience

    Please pray for me to have have an unrushed spirit. I know God is working with me and thru me with my job search! I know in my heart he will place me where I can use my Masters and do the Lord's work. However, in my mind I want it Now. I have applied for a job that would allow me to do this. Pray for his favor ad my peace.
  • Prayer for sons

    Pls pray our son will choose his new friends wisely at the jr college he attends. He has met a few Christians at church & needs to plug in more with them to stay strong & not get lonely
  • Prayer for loved ones

    Pls prayer for daughter to be Hungry for Christian fellowship enough to return to church and the cell group she used to attend & a willingness to live apart from fiancé until they marry & his salvation & their son to be healthy
  • Prayer for Israel

    Pls pray for the salvation and protection of Israel & the Christian Iraqis who's lives are in danger because of the ISIS
  • Children in early 20's

    Desire to follow The Lord with all their hearts and for Him to open doors for Christian friendships & some to be re- connected with good friends they used to be in regular contact with before moves & busyness with school & jobs changed
  • Thank you for your Prayers

    Thank you all for your prayers for me. My partial knee replacement surgery was suppose to take 2 hrs., but it only took about 45 minutes. I would appreciate your prayers that the pain level will go down quickly. It is quite hard at times, but I know that my God is able to take care of it.
    Marian Burge