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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Court Hearing Friday Morning 2-10-17

    Please cover my sister Kay in prayer this morning as she has a court hearing for the first steps in trying to get her son Brett back from Washington DC where her ex-husband, Greg took him. She lives in Spokane, WA. It's a contempt hearing against Greg. Please pray for wisdom and favor for Kay's attorney and Kay and that God will make known to the judge Greg's lies. Brett needs to be back home under Christian influences. Please pray for Brett's and their salvation also. Brett no longer professes to be a Christian since being with Greg and Greg's girlfriend.
  • May God meet the needs

    This prayer request is for a friend, Mallory, whom has been struggling with finances & keeping a home for herself & her 5 children. Help me stand in agreement that God will meet their needs. I know firsthand as a single mother of 3, what it's like being in this situation. I also request prayer for her relationship with the Lord be renewed, she has strayed away but I believe and stand in Faith that God will draw her in & that she may find a church she can be grounded in. God bless you all!
  • Friend battling addiction

    Recently I had been reached via-Facebook about a friend battling addiction. Her will to overcome this is strong but not strong enough on her own. Help me pray that the Lord restore Lisa's life & her loved ones. I believe that God is greater than a 10 year addiction.
  • help

    Growing up, my dad was not a nice man. As an adult I distanced myself from him and his family. I live in the same town as him and do my best to avoid him. I am afraid he may be looking for me. I really want to move away from this place. I need God to give me money to move away and a foundation. This is giving me really bad PTSD. Thank you.
  • Thanks and Please pray again..

    Hi folks.. I posted a prayer some time back about pain in my foot.. And God moved and healed me.. Praise God for that ! and thanks for praying.. Please continue to pray about my financial situation.. My car is giving me problems again.. It is vibrating on the road.. I took it to the shop, but they could not find anything wrong with it.. I thought I was fortunate, but on the way home, I hit a bump, and the abs light came on.. Please pray there is really nothing wrong with the car.. That it was a freak thing.. I had my tires balanced.. And please continue to pray about my financial situation.. I have so many problems financially.. I come to this site daily and pray for those who are going through hardships.. I hope you all get a miracle.. I can personally say God is moving in this room.. Take care
  • Healing of a 8 year long digestive issues

    Hello, I have had severe digestive issues for years now. the doctor appointments and supplements are quite expensive and I get little relief. Please pray for healing for my stomach and digestive issues. I would also appreciate your prayers for Gods direction in some of the choices that The doctors are suggesting. I pray For Gods direction and healing in Jesus Name. Thank you for your prayers!
  • My car

    I got into an accident this week and totalled my car. Please pray that I will be able to drive my husband's truck and our insurance to give us the money for what it's worth. We have a chapter 13. So pray that they don't take the money from us. I feel bad about everything!
    Thank you!
  • Separated from a 25yr Marriage

    I know that God has me/us in his loving hands always but im having a hard time still knowing that we are not together. I have my good days and bad days but im still crying, dreaming, and feeling depressed, sometimes i feel the night/day will never end. Ill be going to my Pastor for counseling someday but just haven't done it yet, I'm so busy. Please pray for me to heal my heart
  • Exhaustion

    I am always at war. My soul is weary. I come from a very abusive and dysfunctional family. I was independent and went to school and took the right steps to get on with my life, have a career and distanced myself from them only to have my dreams crushed by a brutal car accident. If its not the health insurance company that is denying treatment, it's an unexpected bill and I need a break from it all and to heal.