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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Anxious and Depressed

    I'm requesting a prayer for myself tonight. I struggle with anxiety and, as a result, depression creeps up sometimes. Sleep is hard to come by some nights, which makes for long days. I know the Lord can do anything we ask in His name. Please pray that He wraps loving arms around me, and helps me to trust him with all my worries and anxieties. I pray He reminds me that I am His child, and I am in His hands. Thank you!
  • (no subject)

    ❤️Jesus when this intense non stop pain began in June I couldn't possibly see any reason to be grateful❤️
    You know Jesus the pain was so great I cried PLEASE STOP THE PAIN OR END MY LIFE
  • Prayer for a friend of mine who's brother is in the hospital

    Please pray for my friend's brother Jeremy. He is in the intensive care unit part of the hospital and was admitted today. They found out that he has type 1 diabetes and he is very sick. Please pray God would heal him and help him to get better!
  • New jobs wanted for son/daughter

    They both really need new jobs for different reasons. This is a major area in their lives that needs the Lord's intervention & guidance to find ones that will be better for school/church
  • Daughter needs caution

    Pls pray she will be willing to consider her Christian upbringing & her previous beliefs about waiting for marriage before being intimate.
  • Husband heart toward daughter

    Pls pray my husband find a way to show a lot of grace toward our adult children
  • Prayer wanted for daughter & son

    Pls pray our daughter gets another job soon that will be M-F during the day & our son gets his hours adjusted at work to allow for church
  • Daughter's shattered heart

    Our daughter keeps turning to wrong relationships. She left one bad one (has a 2 year old son) and lives home again. Now she is in another one. Please pray God grabs her heart tonight
  • Parents need Lord's wisdom

    We need the Lord's wisdom and will talk to our pastor tomorrow. Pls pray our daughter will be willing to be delivered from her formication & willing to seek the Lord
  • Please Pray for Shannon

    She desperately needs prayers tonight to feel the Lord's presence & peace! Thanks so much!