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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • No more grief over move

    Please pray the Lord will deliver me from a spirit of grief over moving. I need His strength to focus on verses that will encourage me that He will help me adjust to being an empty nester, help me get work, get into a ministry, etc.

  • Son to have favor with recent job interview

    Son, 23, needs a job to stay in our hometown and finish college at the junior college before moving with us.
    He interviewed recently and they are still considering which applicant to hire. Getting a job here is necessary for
    him to afford to stay here...we already help support his older brother in college and he has a part time job.

    This will be confirmation that the Lord wants him to stay here. Thanks so much for prayers!!
  • Daughter's wedding

    Praise the Lord that our daughter and fiance will marry in a month! Please pray that the details will get figured out well and in a manner that will honor both of them. We are trying to get together with her fiance's mother to go over some planning and guest list, etc. So far, haven't been able to connect, so praying we can this weekend!

  • Feeling sick

    I would appreciate prayer as I'm not feeling too well right now. I feel like I'm catching that flu bug thing that's going around. Tomorrow is a big day with my bro's bd and last day of Driver's Ed. So prayer that I stay healthy would be awesome!



    This is the second time I happen to write on this website to give thanks to all of you who prayed in my favor. Some months ago I requested prayer for my daughter's marriage and it turned out well. I encourage every one to thank publicly when a prayer is answered. But concerning spiritual things we all should be like parrots, only repeting what God says, but with understandiing, and I am trying to do so mentioning Moses who wrote about the fellowship offering of thanksgiving (Leviticus 7:13), David and other psalmists said they would tell of the deeds of the Lord, and let us not forget the episode of the grateful leper. Jesus asked him: Where are the others (levers)? Were not the ten (if I am right) heeled. But only one came back to give thanks. I am not lying. I think I know the bible.
  • Please pray for my brother - Thank you Prayer Warriors!

    My brother goes to court again 3.26 & 27 for custody of his three kids. Plz pray the judge would see all the lies & only the truth revealed, the mom’s true character be revealed; for provision for all needs financial, emotional & spiritual; none are sleeping & have been sick. They all fear they will have to go stay with their mom who's become emotionally, verbally & physically abusive to brother & older 2 kids. We ask that the truth just explode in the court room so no matter what lies are being presented, the truth will be very clear & this will be over quickly; the guardian ad litem’s (supervising kids’ visits) reports will be read & taken into the court records–We ask that this be bound & only truth is allowed to be presented.
  • Beautiful person missing in my life.

    Round about 8 months ago i met the most wonderful boy all around the world. We were on vacation and i've never seen him before. This one week was enough to fell in love with him. We endjoied doing worship togeher and read in the bible. Everything was perfect. We was my "brother", best friend and boyfriend in one person. But all those beautiful memories came to an end an our ways seperated...and we texted each other at home for months - it wasn't the same. But the problem is the big distance between us. Now - 8 moths after the vacationtrip we haven't seen us yet. And we also do not text each other anymore, because the long distance and the long time pulled at our love. And if nothing changes i'll definitely lose him forever!
    This would be the worst thing in my life . I'm so hopeless, and i would be so thankfull if you could pray for me / us / the situation...
    Thanks so much:)
  • Vocational Prayer

    I am currently a working mother of 3, trying to balance the demands of work and children. I have been praying to God to help show me the path he has intended for me; please pray for my heart and ears to be open to hearing the call of the Lord. Continue working and raising kids, or stay home and homeschool the children.
  • Healing for me

    Please pray for me for healing. I'm battling a disease and I need God's help to heal me.
    Thank you
  • pray for my friend's mother who has gotten pneumonia

    please pray for my friends mother

    she's in the hospital right now and she has pneumonia my friend's name is tattuam and her mother is the only one whos ever loved her. Tattuam is a satanist so she doesnt pray to god and i told her i would be praying the rosary for her mother and she needs all the prayers her mom can get so please pray with me