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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Friend struggling with addiction.

    Please pray for my friend E.J. He is struggling with addiction. He has a relationship that is falling apart and has been trying real hard to hang on, but recently has succumbed to his addiction. He really needs help. Thank you in advance for taking the time to lift him up.
  • Prayers for Baby Dylan

    Please Pray for Baby Dylan who was born a Twin with his Baby Sister Sophia @ 25 weeks they weighted 1.4oz and 1.8oz. Baby Dylan is not doing very well and is in need of a molecules healing from the Lord right now as they are say they aren't to sure if he will survive.Please join me in Prayer that God will fined favored and through Dylan be a living testimony of the miracles God still performs right now these days. Our God lives. May Gods will be done over Baby Dylan and may he give his parents the peace and comfort to stand firm in their Faith Amen. please Join me.
  • cancer

    Please pray for baby Jessica, who is four years old and dying of cancer. Pray that the pain would stop, and that God would be with her and her family. Amen
  • healing

    I have some pain in my throat that keeps coming back. I don't know what is causing it, but I ask you to pray for me. It is grievous. Thank you
  • This is a praise!!

    My son, who has been doing chemo and radiation for 10 months, has been declared cancer free!!
  • paperwork

    We are still waiting for our paperwork and it has held us up for two months. I am asking that God will please get the people to release them so we can move on. Thanks!
  • more about God

    Please ask God to bring in a power and a strength in my worship. Rekindle the fire in my heart to reach a place I could only immagine. Then please ask Him to build from there at a constant growth that will never ever lack.

    Thank you,
  • New place to live

    I need to find a new place to move to not because of any eviction but because there are a few problems that keep coming up time and time again, I need some place as soon as possible, within my budget, that's nice, and I can have my pet's with me. Thanks so much for your time and prayers.
  • Redemption for my life

    I need to ask for prayer for God to help give me more employment more hours even if it's a new job Lord that he may give me such amazing inspiration to help continually keep holding on to his word his guidance his way our way is not our own
  • Grief

    Please pray for my friends and community. There have been several deaths that have hit close to home. My heart especially breaks for my former coworker who has lost her grandbaby and for my dear friend whose 3-year-old died in a tragic accident.