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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Bone Cancer

    My friend is pregnant with her 1st child and recently learned she has bone cancer. Please pray for miraculous healing, for discernment, for God's comfort, for the sweet baby, for my friend and her husband and for the doctors treating her.
  • Prayer & Praise: Health Insurance

    I had 10 appeals and inconsistencies in what my insurance company told me, what happened or in direct contradictions between this customer service rep and the next one. My case manager for the insurance company said she has never seen so many issues and problems that the insurance company she works for had put me through. It is very wearing and hard to endure financial issues and getting health needs met and managing and balancing the stress of all the lack of truth unable to rest upon and in trying to be a good steward and take care of our bodies. I pray this all gets solved and this year is much less stressful and my new insurance company is not as difficult.

    Thank you for your prayers - thank you Jesus! Our health insurance had been denied for illegitimate reasons and the decisions were reversed and approved.
  • financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God to help me..!!
  • healing

    My marriage is getting severely attacked by the enemy. Please pray in Jesus' name for an abundance of love to cover us and make things right.
  • Family in need

    Please pray for M and his family they need employment and transportation pray also for God to provide for and minister to them.
  • Stress and health

    I have been under constant stress for a long time and it is taking its toll. My body is falling apart. Can't continue. Please send prayers.
  • Peace

    Please pray for me and my health. Please pray for peace and God's guidance. Thank you
  • divorce

    Please pray that my spouse will stop divorcing me. Please pray that Jesus will help us to understand and forgive each other. I thank you for your prayers.
  • Prayer for bible study group and people dealing with spiritual warfare

    Hello, I would like prayer for a couple people who I know are dealing with a lot of spiritual warfare and confustion, one really feels she is really being messed with by demons and I really believe she is, she has a sincere heart in seeking God, just has been wrapped up in bad churches/bad teachings and she needs help. I am trying to help her the best I know how. I have a friend named Todd who is really spiritually confused as he listens to people and different view points on spiritual things, and he is not sure what to believe. and he thinks the bible study that I facilitate isn't right for him and he is not sure what to believe about God and needs a firm foundation in God and spiritual discernment on many things. Thank You for prayers
  • Car problems & financial difficulty

    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
    My car is broken down and I need it for my livelihood. My caregiving job requires me to transport clients ton appointments and the store, etc. Also, my husband came home last night with a heavy heart because his hours have been drastically reduced at work over the next few weeks. I know that we have a Mighty God and that His plan is to prosper us. Please lift our family up in prayer that the car issue resolves quickly and that God will continue to provide us with enough to pay rent. Thank you