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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Worried

    Hello Everyone ,,,,
    My back has been so messed up for so long. When I lived in Spokane,, Wa ,, they were giving me cortisone shots and it was taking the pain away. I move to Kelso ,, Wa ,, They give me a single shot and it don't work. The do a MRI and send me to a surgeon and they say I have deteriorating spine but its not bad enough to do surgery. I am worried because if my medical insurance refuses to cover the shots my doctor says I need ,, I don't know how I will be able to work. I can't even walk around the block without stopping because it hurts so bad. What Do I Do ? I turn 61 this year,, I hate getting old.

    Help Me Lord ,,,,
    Guy W.
  • My Grandson's Surgery

    My grandson, Alex, is in Shriner's Hospital in Portland, Oregon. He has been there in a halo and traction for six weeks. At week eight (in fact on his 4th birthday) he is scheduled for a complicated spine surgery with a spine surgeon from Shriner's and a neurosurgeon from Oregon Health & Science University Hospital. Please keep him and his surgeons in your prayers especially on 3/2 and 3/3.
    Thank you
  • Financial blessings be released in Jesus Name

    I've been hitting a few obstacles in my life and one big one is in my finances. Help me pray that God may release blessings in my life & that He help me see what the barriers are also causing me to miss them! I am a single mother of 3 small children & it's been hard not having a stable job & our own home. Thank you to those that take the time to pray for us, may God bless you over & above!
  • Family situation

    Please lift my sister up in prayer today. She is navigating some difficult situations with fostering to adopt a 12 year old sibling of a baby they adopted. And other siblings have been adopted by my cousin. That she can find the words to speak to the 12 year old about situations and that the 12 year old feels only peace and security in her new home. Also the words and ways to navigate things with our cousin, one of her best friends as they have differing views on things that are happening. My sister is doing her best to follow God and my cousin is doing her best to control everything herself. Thank you! I treasure your prayers.
  • Relationship

    I had posted about 3 months ago that I was trying a "dating" web site & was fervently asking for prayers that God would bring a new Christian man into my life. I only have a couple of days left & won't renew, but God's answer seems to be no, still. I have been wanting this again in my life after losing my husband to cancer 17 years ago. I fear I will be depressed for awhile, but did want to say Thank You to all who supported me in prayer! I still believe in it's power!
  • Prayer for a missing item

    I know it's a small thing, but I've lost my keys. I cannot drive to school or work, and it's been a full day since I last had them. Please pray that God helps me find them!
  • Empty

    For the past couple of years I've felt empty, no emotions. I love my kids and have that love for them, but everything else...there's nothing. I attend church, pretty much on a regular basis, but I don't feel anything....like I'm just going through the motions. This March will mark 7 years of divorce and having to rely on God to raise my 3 beautiful kids. They are my life....but beyond them....I'm empty...

  • work

    I've had to take some days off due to the weather I really like my job and don't want to lose it please pray that everything will turn out alright.
  • anxiety

    Please pray that God would heal my soul and spirit.. That I would not have to live in fear anymore.. At times my anxiety is so bad I find it hard to be around people.. Tonight at work was a nightmare.. I was one second away from a nervous breakdown all night.. Sometimes it is bad like that, it is very painful.. I have prayed about this, I don't know what is happening to me.. Rather it be demonic attack, or I am just broken.. Please stand with me that God will right my heart, soul, and spirit.. Thank you
  • Healing in a friend's Marriage

    A friend of mine is thinking of leaving her marriage. It seems her husband is still trying to save the marriage. Please pray for forgiveness, and healing between them, and that God would heal their marriage.