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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Lost job

    Please continue to pray for my husband to get a new job. His was our only source of income, until he unexpectedly lost his previous job. I stay at home and take care of our kids. We really need a job offer to come in soon.
  • financial difficulties and lawsuits

    Please pray that the customers who owe us money will pay their bills today so that I can make payroll, pay business and personal obligations. Please also pray that we will get new business and that the Lord will reveal to us how to increase our income and reveal his Plan for our business or other prospects. Please also pray that we will be victorious over the Bar Association Complaints, the Homeowner's Association false water bills and that my daughter will have the funds, strength, wisdom and knowledge to return to school. Thank you!
  • interview

    I had an interview at a bank last week and they said they would get back to me this job would be excellent hours and pay for my family and it has full benefits. please pray I get that job. thank you.
  • child support payment

    my ex husband is required to pay my child support twice a month however he is withholding the amount until the end of the month and he is only giving me half the amount. I have been on the phone with the state of Washington and they say there is nothing I can do. I have no way to pay my bills. Please pray a job opens up for me that pays all my expenses and that I do not have to rely on my child support or my ex husband.
  • Prayer for healing

    Please pray for my entire family. I suffer from fibromyalgia and borderline personality disorder. My brother suffers from Candida. My dad has a bad knee that will require surgery soon. My grandma is at Regency and does physical therapy to help her limited mobility. She has fallen several times, so it's the best place for her right now. My husband suffers with anxiety and is disabled. Most of my family has a relationship with God, but I would like to see all my family members serving God. Please pray for salvation for my unsaved family members. Thank you for your prayers!
  • Prayer for healing cancer

    Please pray for my friend Gina, a beautiful woman of Christ. She has bone cancer. Please pray for wisdom for the best treatment and healing for her body. Please keep her family in prayer also. There is such power in prayers of the faithful. God's Blessings! Thank you!
  • Relationships

    I am going through a situation with someone that has taken so much out of me, I can't even figure out what I really want anymore. All I know right now is I feel mad at God for letting me go through this and I don''t want to feel that anymore. Please pray for a good outcome to the situation and for peace in my heart.
  • finances

    Will you pray that I will get a job.
  • Moving Forward

    It will be 2 years in September that I have been divorced. This journey has been the hardest most emotionally and physically disabling trauma that I've ever endured. I ask for your prayers that I may find myself, solace and contentment with what God has provided me in this new life of mine. I realize there are others who go through much more significant issues in their lives, but for me, this is has crushed my spirit. Thank you for your prayers.
  • need prayer

    I am not doing so well in life. My relationship is in shambles. Don't know if I can really trust the person in my life. They just keep letting me down. I am taking 3 different meds for everything from anxiety, to bipolar, ptsd. I believe that I have accepted Jesus, received the Holy Spirit. So I don't know why I am living in this life with these problems. I know that God never promised us everything. But when your afraid to go out the door that is just crazy. I ask that you would pray that God would give me healing in my life. I am doing what I can to manage. But I am never happy. I could use a financial blessing too. Hugely in debt. I thank you for your prayers. God renew a right spirit in me. And mind. Amen