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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • court hearing

    Hello... Could I please get prayer for a hearing that is coming up this week. My daughter was murdered about 4 years ago and the guy has admitted to 4 people that he is responsible for it. Myself being one of the four.A grand jury had indicted him of charges and now the defense attorney is trying to suppress a lot of truth and get it thrown out. This is absolutely ridiculous.They are going to trash on my daughters character and our family. Create a bunch of smoke screens to manipulate the truth.So i need prayer for the guy who did it...that he will do the right thing and be honest even though he probably is scared and for the judge,myself etc. That truth will prevail....Thank you
  • Prayer for mental health struggles

    I just moved here year ago to Postfalls. I listen all the time to you guys and I’m so thankful for the great Christian music I get to listen too!

    Right now in life I’m struggling to keep up with work and having a hard time with mental health. After a year wait list I got to see a doctor to help me. But I’m definitely not doing so well. Lost out on two job promotions due to performance and it just feels like life is crashing down on me. I don’t have the best relationship with God and I want to work on it, but could use some prayer and someone to talk to and help me.

    Thanks for listening l.
  • financial

    Please pray for me to receive My Father God's help to remodel this house that He has blessed me with, and to fix the electrical so that I can have hot water.. Thank you very much for your prayers...
  • Protection and restoration

    Hi my name is Hugo from Miami, Florida and I am seeking help in prayer. I have recently been in trouble with the law that can land me prison time. I have repented and pray to Christ that he shows me mercy. I pray that God touches the souls and spirits of the judge and state attorney, so they may have compassion and mercy on me as well. I pray for no jail or prison time. I pray for my family’s restoration between my mother and brother and I. I have 2 daughters that I want to see grow big and be some warriors of Christ. I want to give my life to Jesus and walk in his light. I pray God gives me a heart like his so I can serve in his ministry. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  • Forgiveness

    God the Father, I humbly with humility ask forgiveness for my pride that hinders my being tranformed. I am sorry and repent of my sin. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Just need prayer..God knows

    Just need prayer for my life...I guess I keep screwing up...just need Gods help everyday... thanks
  • Need prayer for more faith and would like prayer for ENS nose sufferers

    I would like prayer for more faith and understanding on how God is trying to talk to me right now, I am stressed out about my financial situation and need God's guidance on where I should try to get a part time job...also would like prayer for ENS sufferers (nose problems/post surgery) ..it is a horrible disease and many patients/sufferers are barely holding on...They need God's help and guidance.
  • Mark Armstrong's dire situation

    Friend Mark has had major motorcycle accident. Please, prayer for him and his precious family.
  • financial

    I watch the job sites every day.. Still can't find a job that fits.. Please pray about that.. That I find the right job, at the right time.. I have been out of work for a couple months now.. And it is really taking a toll on my finances.. Thank you
  • Pls pray for me

    Appreciate prayers tonight for a miracle, as my 37 year old sister isnt doing well emotionally or financially and my husband only wants us to pray.