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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Victory over financial crisis

    Praise the Lord ! I am asking for prayers over our financial lives, we owe many bills and have no way to pay them but I know God will make a way! Thank you and God bless
  • Struggling new daddy

    prayer for my brothers situation. My brother and his fiancé just had their first child that was born 5 weeks premature.
    He has called out to his friends and family for help. I wish I had the means to help him with his transportation that has broken down for the second time in the last two months. I am requesting that my brother Matt and his fiancé situation with broken down transportation needs be met.
  • finance troubles

    I had an unexpected bill arrive and my bank account is overdrawn and I don't get paid for two weeks. Please pray I am able to make arrangements with the bank thank youp
  • Homeless girl

    I work at the Safeway on Market st. For the past few days I've noticed a dirty homeless girl (18 - 23) sitting on the bench near the deli. I felt the need to pray for her so I have and I am asking my fellow PLR listeners to pray for her too.
  • job and house

    hi everyone I am in need of prayer to get a job I have no income and a lot of bills due. and I am trying to sell my house so it doesn't get for closed on. I am so thankfull for plr and all help and hope they give me all day thank you all who pray for me. I know God is good and he is for us. but for some reason the devil is really attacking my wife and I so that's why I am asking for more people to pray with us. again thank you.
  • Barbara needs prayer

    Please pray for my friend Barbara who is having a tough time with chemo. (Me too!when I went
    Through it 4 yrs ago.
  • My friends husband

    My good friends husband is a paraplegic and the rods in his back have fractured and are causing him incredible pain. My friend, his wife, is afraid he will consider suicide even though he knows Jesus - his pain is continuous and overwhelming, and a medical solution is just not coming quick enough. Please pray for Donna and Frank, and ask Jesus to lay his holy hand on Frank and grant him relief, and for them both to stay courageous throughout this trial.
    Thank you
  • My marriage

    Please pray that there would be tenderness kindness gentleness affection and a seeking of Jesus individually and together in it. Right now there is barely any of that and there is a lot of hurt. Thank you for praying on our behalf
  • Son adjust to new job fast

    Our son determined to stay at new job. It is fast paced and different from what he's used to but he wants/needs it. Prayer for good recall of things learned & ability to multi/task fast
  • Please pray for the 5 day Bible Club

    Please pray for our 5 Day Bible Club this coming monday to friday ( 7-13 to 7- 17).Please pray that God will be glorified, that God will choose and draws children and their parents to Christ who are ordained for salvation, prepares good soil in their hearts.Please pray that many will be added to Christ's church- supernatural,sovereign work of salvation occurs-blind eyes to see,death to life,regeneration,sower and reaper rejoice together.Please pray that the workers of (CEF) preaching of the gospel be clearly and boldly in demonstration of the power of the Spirit.Please pray that woodsiders will demonstrate spiritual love and hospitality toward neighbors by talking with them.Please pray spiritual protection from the enemy.Please pray that there will be more workers trained from woodside for the harvest.Thank you and God bless you.