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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Please pray for my mother

    Please pray for my mother Darlene please. She has been a christian for a long time but still struggles with anger from her past and takes a lot of it out on her kids. Please pray for her pain and sorrow, pray for her that God helps her to reach out more for the friends in her life, sometimes she is clingy to me, she has gotten a dog recently which is an answer to prayer and has helped her with her loneliness some, but I know she wishes she had a fuller life. Please pray she has reconciliation with her other kids and that all of her kids grow in the Lord, Please pray that we all grow in love and love our neighbor as ourselves as that is the greatest commandment which also ties in with loving God with everything we have. Please also pray that she can reconcile with her sister Donna.
  • Husband and marriage

    I want to leave. My husband is controlling and negative and judgmental of all I do. We don't talk and life is not fun with him. Please pray I can have love in my heart for him. He sees no wrong in himself. Thank you
  • Freinds

    My youth leader is just going through a whole lot of stuff, and it's really hard on him. please pray that he finds peace and hope right now as He's going through all this. Help him to renew his relationship with the Lord, he is frustrated at him right now (and I don't blame him for it either). Please help him to find gods will in this hard time. Thank you!
  • sister in law Kathy Pantoja

    I Pray to GOD that she has here new appartment soon. I have praying to The Lord and I know he hears me.....Please help me pray so she can have patience and for her to know that GOD listens to her cries. GOD BLESS YOU.
  • daughter and her relationship with God and a guy friend

    Please pray for my daughter who has recently been in contact again with her ex-boyfriend who has been her only boyfriend. She has feelings for him but she doesn't know where she stands with him if he still has feelings for her or is just leading her on until he finds someone else. So I'm praying for truth and that God will show her truth in their relationship. That both of them will grow in their relationship with God. He is in a college in Texas and she is here in college. I pray God can show both of them direction in their relationship together. Also, pray for daughter who gets a lot of anxiety and just needs to find peace in God and that he will give her direction.
  • struggling with sin

    Needing direction in my life. Struggling with deep rooted sin from a young age. Not sure where my salvation stands and I am scared if I am truly saved.
  • Sick Father

    My elderly dad recently came down w/ pneumonia, went to the hospital, but was sent home & is very weak -- struggling w/ walking & not thinking at all clearly (so is hard to manage). This is extremely hard on my mother, w/ him night & day & wearing out. I am the only other family member right now who can help, but almost have to work and am worried about leaving them & also have some physical struggles, too, w/ an upcoming surgery. Please pray that he will recover, become stronger (able to walk) and begin to think more clearly. THANK YOU!
  • Heart transplant

    A young kid from our community has been taken out of town to Seattle and admitted in to the heart hospital in need of a heart transplant to save his life. Day Day is only 22. Please Join me in prayer for this young man as he s in a race for the fight of his life. My prayer is for Gods will in this kids life. That no matter the Lords decision for him Day Day finds Jesus and is comforted and Grace and Mercy from our God is there for him. In Jesus Holy Precious Name, AMEN!
  • My Driver's exams

    Hey, guys, today and in the next few weeks I am going to do Driver's Education exams.
    I pray for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, because I utterly cannot do this without Him. Please pray for me, that I am be led completely by the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, thank you for these wonderful people of yours.in Jesus's name, Amen.
  • Prayer for my neighbor

    My neighbors, who own their own barber shop, have two little children, one with a medical problem, and are really struggling right now. There have been nights when they have gone to bed hungry, but they always make sure the kids eat. They are hard working, but can never seem to catch a break. Please pray for them. Thank you.