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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Our Friend is Fighting Hard to Stay Alive

    My husband has known his buddy Rick (49yrs old) since they were in Jr. High. Rick has cancer. He has beaten all the various cancers he has had over this past year (brain cancer and several random cancerous tumors) but right now he is suffering with the worse one yet. Rick has a huge angry cancerous tumor on his face. It is so big it has pushed his right eye closed, moved his nose to a slant and has distorted his mouth making it hard for him to talk and he can't eat. If this tumor gets any bigger, Rick won't be able to breath. I ask those who read this to lift Rick up to God through Jesus and pray for healing, strength and encouragement for him and his family. He needs every prayer possible so that this cancer will be beat and Rick can truly live again. May the Lord bless all of you taking time to read and pray for those suffering. Glory be to God!
  • Mouth health prayer

    I found out that the specialist I wanted to see for my gum problem doesn't take cases like mine because I don't have deep gum pockets. This office was a lot cheaper than the regular periodontists. My only option is to have the gum grafting surgery and it is about $1500 or more per gum-tooth area. I really wanted to avoid this surgery because of what I've read. I am asking for total healing of TMJ, gums, teeth and bone. I am going to see a specialist. I am also praying that if God doesn't heal me on my own, that I see the right specialist and that they will work with me financial and God would bless the surgery and give me the money needed for the surgery.
  • Job

    I work as a dispatcher for my city, and currently in probation. I make so many mistakes and I feel like such a failure being there. I try to improve my skills but this is a hard job and I need God's guidance because I feel so dumb being there and I can tell my supervisor and managers don't know what to do with me anymore. I like my job but I'm not good at it.
  • Brain damage

    Please pray I receive healing I screwed up in my past choices
  • prayers for work

    Please keep Bob in your prayers - he needs a job that will give him more hours/pay.
  • grandson

    please pray for our grandson who is experiencing behavioral problems and was recently diagnosed with early onset bipolar; absolutely nothing has helped and we are finding ourselves hopeless.
  • Spiritual Growth

    Pray my nephew and his wife grow spiritually. Also, pray they attend church every Sunday and their work schedules enable them to do so.
  • My daughter and Grandchildren

    Please pray for my daughter Danae and Granddaughter Mollie & Grandson Iain. They are going through a tough period right now and could use all the prayers possible. Please pray that separation from their mom is only temporary and God is close to all. Thank you and God Bless!
  • Health and housing

    My family and I need to find a place to Move into by the end of the month and I am praying and believing God will make A way. He supplies all our needs according to his riches and Glorious. I would also like prayers
  • Anxiety and fear

    I have anxiety rising up in me again . I fear I might become evil , and I don't want that fear to ruin my life . I have done nothing wrong , but when I watch the news or hear of bad things happening I hope that I will never become a person like that . I need prayers please help