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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Praise God

    God took care of the problem with my car.. and I am glad.. They just think some air got in my fuel system.. The whole cost a total of $20 dollars.. Praise God.. He is good.. I am feeling kind of sickly today, and anxious.. Have to go to work soon.. It would be nice to have a good day.. Thanks prayer warriors
  • Prayers needed for son

    I ask that you please pray for my son, he struggles with addiction. Although he is fighting to get his life back the drugs have a strong hold on him.
  • Adult children to desire Lord

    Pls pray they will desire to attend our Christmas Eve service.Daughter's hubby to be willing, and son's wife.Our children were raised Christian, need encouragement in Jesus
  • Son's job

    Pls pray he will find a different job soon or can get the benefits/hours he needs with current job. He is just married and they need this
  • Sister's court on Friday

    Pls pray she has a smooth transition with joint custody of her children and will make Christian friends at church soon. Lives in CA
  • Family members

    Pls pray we can all desire to connect more regularly & past offenses can be forgiven. Desire for those who need to work hard & be responsible &
  • My husband

    My husband is depressed and wants to be set free from addictions. Also please pray that we have a great Christmas with family.
    Thank you for your prayers
  • My nephew

    Please pray for my family and nephew he will put to sleep. In Jesus Christ name amen
  • work

    Please pray that God would open up more hours for me at work or open up the door to another job that would give me more steady hours.
  • So discouraged

    I am being attacked right and left: finances, health, business issues, loneliness, and more areas. I pray, pray, pray and just get more piled on. Please pray for me and keep Max in your prayers too as he has an important doctor's appointment coming up to see if a mass is benign or not. I can't stop crying. Amen.