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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My son

    I am asking for prayer for my son who is going to college in Pocatello. His girlfriend just broke up with him after almost a year and he is taking it hard. He hasnt been eating and when he eats his stomach is so upset that he throws up.His classes have been extremely hard and is adding to the stress. Prayer that he can get past this break up and focus on God and what He has planned for him.
    Thank you and blessings to you all...
  • Nightmares

    Struggling with a dark past thats resulted in very dark nightmares. feel there is a war going on for my soul. please pray for me and that i will let God fight for me and have peace at night and in my heart.
  • Our Mother is dying...

    We know that she is saved and we know that she will be in a better place soon. Could you pray for the Lord's comfort and peace, please. Would you please pray for us as well? We could handle an abundant amount of Gods Grace in this difficult situation. We have your station playing in Moms room❣GOD BLESS Y'ALL❣
  • Thank You

    Hello Everyone ,,, Want to say Thank You for all your Prayers. Me and my Son are now down in Kelso,Wa ,, with my daughters and my grand kids. The only thing I would ask for prayer now is to ask for God's guidance. I need to find out if its time to retire because of my back ,,, or to try to find another job. I pray everyday for others on this website that need God's help. I have seen God work in my life ,, so I know he is there.

    Thank You Again For All Your Prayers ,,,
    Guy W.
  • pray for the Moog family

    I pray that my family will find a miracle this weekend because we are being kicked out of our home. We need a miracle we do not currently have a place to stay and will be forced to a burden to family I pray that we can find a blessing in the name of Christ.
  • Prayer for my Mom

    My mom has been getting sicker lately, and has been diagnosed with heart failue. The doctors don't know what to do, and i'm getting really worried. My siblings and I are just kids, and if something happened to Mom, we don't have any relatives to take care of us. My mom has had diabetes all her life, and recently had to get two toes amputated due to it. I don't know how much longer she'll be here, and I don't want to loose her. Please pray for my Mom's healing, and ask other people to pray for her too. In Jesus' name, please hear my prayer, and please heal her.
    Thank you all and God bless you.
  • Pray for wisdom

    Dear family,

    I am dating a christian girl but of late am wondering whether our relationship will amount to anything. She does things without letting me know in advance. i pray that you will guide me about whether she is the right person for me. Thank you and God bless
  • Continued Prayers for My Sister

    I just received a voicemail from my sister Karen informing me of the awful details when she returned home from work yesterday. She found her home in shambles and her husband Steve crawled up like a ball. At which time the police was arriving as her husband had somehow managed to called the police reporting a break in. After the police left she realized he was hallucinating and going through the effects of the drugs. She doesn't have any time left to take off from work and she's afraid for him as he's threatening suicide. Through her tears, she said she doesn't want anything to happen to him because she loves him very much. She pleaded with me to pray for her and Steve. So I'm asking for additional prayer through the name and blood of Jesus Christ to save my sister and her husband. I'm praying for a miracle. Thank you so much for your prayers!
  • Need healing

    My husband has been having fevers for over 10 days. He has been in the hospital for 3 nights they have taken blood work and done other exams. I asked the Dr. What is wrong And they don't know what is going on. It's been a scary thought because they can't find what's wrong there is some kind of infection that his body is trying to fight. But the Dr. Doesn't know what kind yet because the 1st blood work the results were negative. They took some more blood work this morning but the results won't be in until after 24 hours they say. I need some prayer please asking God to please heal my husband in Jesus Name !!!
  • prayer for the salvation of my siblings.

    I thank you, Jesus, for the opportunity to ask this. I asked to please pray for the salvation of the rest of my family. For the salvation of my younger brother, who is getting influenced by evil things. Lord Jesus, i know that you have good plans. Please show me how to guide them. Prepare me to help them. May they see your light through me, Jesus, May YOUR light shine through us, the body of Christ; and shine upon them. thank you for your people, Lord Jesus.