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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Family

    Sister to seek Christian friends and her marriage to be restored after much hurt & anger between them. I also need wisdom when I talk to her again
  • Prayer for a miracle

    Please pray for my sister-in-law Nola Gorrell she is in Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital in the critical care unit with pneumonia please pray for a miracle healing

    Please pray for the full restoration of Matthew after his heart attack. I know all things are possible with God. I place him into the hands of the Master Healer, Jesus. Thank you.
  • Protection & Wisdom

    Prayer for sister & mother don't live close to me but I'm praying for them to both desire reconciliation. Protection for Mom as there has been alot of anger from my sister to make mom nervous, and she's recently been released from the hospital for going off her meds
  • heartbreak

    please pray that THE LORD would take this GREAT SORROW I HAVE for this woman that I gave a ring to and a verse mk 10:9 see her on a daily basis and cant take it no more thanks
  • Miracle needed

    I either need to get the money to have surgery that my insurance doesn't cover or I need to have total healing. Please pray that God's will will be done in my life and that He will move these enormous mountains for me. Thank you!
  • Need Employment

    I have been without employment since January. I need a job and it really should be a daytime job for the sake of my mental health. I struggle with low morale and depression when I work nights.
  • Prayer for mother

    I would like prayer for my mom. My mom is a church going Christian but honestly is very hard to get along with, she had an unbearable childhood that I don't fully understand to the fullest but basically she was made to feel like an outcast her whole life in her family, she has a lot of Christian values but honestly isn't a very loving person and a lot of it has to do with her childhood/upbringing, I am trying to give a full picture but honestly I am very angry at the same time, she is a very selfish, manipulative person too, ,and somehow I am sure this is tied to her childhood, I have been praying for her for years and it has seemed to help some but I don't know if there is something else I need to do my prayers are not being answered, the way she has treated me my whole life has really affected me and my self esteem and honestly at times I have a hard time making it as an adult
  • Our marriage

    Please pray we can lean even heavier on the Lord & each other. We are both believers and pray daily for others. Need Lord's touch in our marriage in the area of balancing other's needs and some big decisions we are facing. Guidance in specific ways in a few areas is much meeded
  • Prayer

    I am 70 and having extreme panic and terror attacks,with unbearable night mares trying to get off psych. meds. Please pray for me. I have b e end reading healing Scriptures. But this process takes time. Thank you for your wonderful Worship and Praise music.. Pray