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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Finances

    In need of prayer, for God to come to our rescue in our current financial struggle (for peace and/or escape), as she has done so many times in the past. For wisdom and guidance with everything financial this year.
  • Family

    My whole family is strugling with finding peace in the middle of the storm. My oldests son's decisions and his addiction has caused a lot pain. Please pray for us to find peace and trust that everything is going to fall in place. To believe that our family is not falling apart but falling in place in Jesus name.
  • Family that lost their daughter/mother/wife/grandmother today in Spokane Valley

    I would like to ask for prayer for the lady who lost her life today in the Spokane Valley.

    She was a very nice person who welcomed my family who was very positive and kind to me and my wife. We shared some fun times, went to each others graduations and their children were at my wedding and caught the bouquets.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family. Que dios me lo bendiga.

    Please share in prayer for those that are grieving and that the Lord hug on them through these tough times.

    Thank you!
  • Dad and Cancer

    Hey PLR listeners, my family learned today that my dad has cancer again (he had leukemia 16 years ago). My mom and dad are missionaries in Rome and have been living over there for almost two years now. Please pray for my family.

    If you want to follow what they're doing in Italy, here is a link to their blog: http://kardos-italy.com/2016/01/

    Thank you
  • Marriage and salvation

    My husband wants a divorce. It came out of the blue and he's believing a lie. Please pray for the Lord to soften his heart and be drawn to the Lord. Thank you.
  • Commitment

    Please pray my boyfriend commits to me and is honest we are at a cross roads
  • Please pray for my dad/brothers

    Please pray for my Dad (Lynn) and my two brothers (Cole and Jake) pray that the Lord gives them wisdom and knowledge and that the Lord guides them over the next six months. They are about to start a job working for a rancher doing fence building and repairing cow fence. This could be a great opportunity for my brothers to get full time jobs that could last a lifetime, my dad is supporting them right now, which isn't really right as my brothers are in their 30's and 40's. Pray that my brothers get their lives together and that they stay away from drugs and hopefully alcohol. Pray that they start to act responsibly and start to take care of themselves as they have wives/girlfriends and kids to take care of. This needs to be a miracle as they have been irresponsible for a long time.
  • Guidance

    Pls pray our son will seek Lord's wisdom about staying with us & finishing his AA or moving in with a high school friend to work full time there
  • That my Family can get through this difficult time.

    My husband and I have separated and I used to pray that we could be together again. I don't know what to pray for anymore. Please pray for my discernment and that my daughter and myself may have the strength for what is to come. Please pray that whatever happens is for the best and that we may feel His love to gain courage and motivation to get through these times.
  • Find the $

    Yea! Praise Jesus it was found and no one had taken it!!