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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Traveling Mercies!

    Hi my brothers and sisters at Positive Life asking special prayer for traveling mercies tonight from Florida to NYC it should take 2 days have run out of heart medicine also asking prayer that if it be GODS will he helps me get back monetarily he knows what that means but I know the bible says to ask so I feel good about that.Thank you and GOD richly bless you brother Danny 1/12/16
  • Grandson

    Please pray for my 4 year old grandson. He is such a delight but for some time now he has been having a tough time sleeping at night and is keeping his Dad and Mom up many hours during the night. He has Down Syndrome and I understand this is a common problem for these kids. Please pray for wisdom for them to know what to do to help him and for the entire family to get more sleep. They also have 2 other young children.
    Thank you truly.

  • Family Heart attack and kidney failure

    Please pray for my best friends mom. My nephew Dusty Moreland Nana her name is Deloris...she's in the hospital after having a heart attack last Thursday...and she has a number of heart problems water on the heart ..leaky valve and needs a stint and bypass and her kidneys are giving out...please pray for her please we have a big GOD and we are to bring our problems to our big GOD... I ASK THAT EVERYONE AND ANYONE PUT HER ON UR PRAYER CHAIN...SHE'S BEEN A HUGE INSPIRATION TO ME WHEN I WAS YOUNG...DEAR LORD I ASK U TO BRING FAVOR TO HER AND HER HEALTH AND TO GIVE HER STRENGTH TO GET THRU THESE SURGERY'S AND LORD I ASK THAT YOU KEEP THE FAMILY STRONG AND POSITIVE BECAUSE NOTHINGS IMPOSSIBLE WITH YOU DEAR LORD THANK YOU FATHER GOD IN JESUS NAME AMEN!
  • Anxiety Attacks

    Please pray for my nephew as he suffers from severe anxiety attacks, and has missed 6 weeks of school his freshmen year of High School. I think that part of the anxiety is demonic as in his home they watch horror movies all the time and the family has a weak faith in God, don't go to church and there are many bad practices in the family. Please pray over this spiritual warfare and that my sister and her boyfriend and two kids will come to a closer walk in Christ.
  • Giving, Faith Promise, Penny Plan and Action Packs

    I would like prayer about my financial giving and our churches financial giving. I gave a little more than usual for Christmas and wasn't able to save as much as I would have liked. We are starting a new year and our church as well as many others in FaithPromise/missions giving, our church has asked us to stretch our faith in giving and see how God provides for us. We are also giving for Voice of the Martyrs Action Packs and Penny Plan for foreign youth as well an outreach for for other missions who are coming to our church on January 24th. Please pray that I as well as the rest of our church as well as many other churches who do Faith Promise to give in faith and see how the Lord provides and blesses. Please pray that our Penny Plan and VOM action packs are blessed as well. Pray that people believe in the scripture in Luke 6:38 "Give and it will be given unto you"
  • Repentant

    Please pray for my spouse to turn back to Jesus and to take their sorrow and discouragement and hopelessness to Him. Pray they spend time with Jesus in His word and seek Him for guidance and fall in love with Him all over again.
  • Deliverance from Drugs

    My 21 year old daughter, Kate, just moved home because she is homeless due to Meth use. Please pray she will go to drug rehab and that God would direct us to where she should go. Pray her current druggie boyfriend will move back to AZ and have nothing further to do with her. He beat her a few weeks ago but she still wants to be with him. Healing from her past sexual abuse. If she's saved for her to repent and get in a right relationship with God And if she's lost to be saved. For her to be a better mom, one that honors God. She has a 2 year old son but he lives with his dad. Safety for my family while we deal with her.
  • God to guide me

    Need prayers for guidance. Just had a baby she was early and in the NICU for 5 weeks. She is home but is a lot of work cause she sometimes stops breathing when she eats. It's not to terrible, just have to pay very close attention to her. Me and my husband are doing the best we can, we can't ask anyone else for help at the moment - not fair to ask when your kid may or may not breath when eating. So my hubby took off time from work without pay, I have to return to work soon. We need prayers for our baby girl to mature, God to help us with money to pay bills etc. and God's grace, strength and wisdom to raise this precious baby. Thank you so much for your prayers!❤
  • multitude

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God give me all of His Wisdom, Knowledge,Power Understanding, and Insight, to deal with and take care of all of my problems, and situation.. To Provide the Wisdom for me to remodel this house and property that He has blessed me with.. To fix both of these vehicles He as blessed me with.. To give me the right things to say to my co-workers. To put a Woman in my life to be my Wife, A Woman of His choosing.. Thank You very Much for your prayers..
  • Spouse

    Please pray for my spouse they are super overwhelmed and discouraged. Physically mentally emotionally and spiritually they have no rest. Please pray they seek Jesus and His will