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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Car problems & financial difficulty

    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
    My car is broken down and I need it for my livelihood. My caregiving job requires me to transport clients ton appointments and the store, etc. Also, my husband came home last night with a heavy heart because his hours have been drastically reduced at work over the next few weeks. I know that we have a Mighty God and that His plan is to prosper us. Please lift our family up in prayer that the car issue resolves quickly and that God will continue to provide us with enough to pay rent. Thank you
  • Mom's Health

    My mom, Jenni has been facing copious amounts of trouble while recovering from a post-cancer surgery. She just wants to get back to being able to being the independent and strong mother, teacher and wife that she was before. The original surgery was hard on her, but when it failed without us knowing, she would have died if we would have waited days more to take her to the ER. This has been a burden for the whole family, both financially and emotionally. Please pray for her recovery and spirit, and for the rest of my family to keep giving praise to God. Thank you so much, and god bless:)
  • husband

    Some days are really difficult and i feel very lonely and depressed. I'm 28 and i been praying for many years for God to send me the man that would be the perfect Godly husband that i would be able to serve the Lord with. Its hard to believe and have faith that God hears me but doesn't answer me after so many years of prayer.
  • Financial

    Hey fellow prayer warriors. I am asking for prayer that I will be set free financially. I am at the Red Sea right now waiting for a miracle. Thank you!
  • Addictions

    Please pray for Ruth and her household to be set free from addictions pray they are blessed and drawn to the lord, pray that he touches their hearts and minds.
  • Granddaughter's Baby Daddy's an Alcoholic

    Please pray for Brittnie to be open to the Holy Spirit as she fights depression as her live-in boyfriend is drinking too
    much. They have a daughter and he is working and trying to take care of them; but he quit school in the 6th grade
    and doesn't have many options. Please pray that they find the Lord Jesus.
  • prayer for my family as we face eviction

    Pray for my family as we face eviction from our home. pray for new housing, pray for salvation of my family as we seek your glory in this matter. God please bless us in this time of pure grief
  • sick

    I've been really sick the past few days with either the flu or a bad chest cold, I've had to miss a couple of days of work and can't afford to miss anymore.
  • depression

    i need help with my depression please pray that i may be free from it been suffering for about 10 years
  • Mom

    Please pray for my mom. we have been waiting for the answer to her hearing for ssi, we have been fighting for 8 years now and my moms health is getting worse, recently she has had trouble breathing and the stress is really making it worse. Please pray for her health and a positive answer. If you wouldn't mind praying for me and my spiritual health as well. I seem to be just doing 360s Ill have a couple good days then just be in a terrible state. thank you and God Bless