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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Health

    I removed myself from the stomach medicine PPI because my doctor was worried about all the side effects of long-term usage but the GERD is horrendous now and I am having a hard time eating because of the burning stomach pain. I see my doctor on the 18th but I don't think there's much else that can be done. I am also in need of surgery in my mouth that's not covered by insurance. I am praying for a total body healing. Thank you!
  • Prayers For Surgery

    My brother in law Mike is having stomach artery bypass surgery on 9/6/17 and my other brother in law Kelley is having surgery on the same day to remove a blood clot in his leg. My sister in law Martha is having a hip replacement on 9/12/17. Please lift them up in prayer that all goes well.
  • Prayer for what is weighing on my heart!

    God the Father, I come in Your present with a thankful and a repentance heart. I sincerely ask for forgiveness of using Your name in vain. In the name of Jesus Christ
  • To Keep God first always

    Please pray that I will be able to focus on God and always keep Him first. I am struggling a lot to focus on God and not on my desire for a husband. I don't want to focus on men, just on God. I want God to be my #1 in my life, not my #2. I need help to surrender and let go of this desire to God. I want to live out Matthew 6:33 to always keep God first. I know God is in control, not me. I know His timing is always perfect. I want God to be my husband to me especially if He never blesses me with an earthly husband. All I need is God and not a husband. Only God can satisfy me, not a husband. No man can ever love me as much as God does. I am God's beautiful daughter, a princess. I want to fully surrender this desire 100% no matter how hard it might be. If lifetime singleness is God's will for my life and He doesn't want me to have the gift of marriage then I want to be ok with that.
  • Don't Know What To Do ?

    Hello All ...
    Went to Doctor and his response was I can't help you anymore. He sent me to Tacoma to see a Doctor about my back and no results. I have enough money to pay bills this month and that's it. Have not heard from welfare or Social Security about any help. I am out of money and time. Help Me Lord ,,, Help Me.

    Thank You For Your Prayers,,,
    Guy Wilks
  • My husband

    My husband is so depressed. He does know the Lord as his savior. But he struggles with pain pill addiction.He feels like he can't come to the Lord with it.His brother just passed away as well.
    Thank you
  • Earthly Lonliness

    Please pray for the earthly lonliness and loss of companionship I am feeling since my dear sweet love lost his fight with cancer 2 1/2 months ago. I need healing for my heart❤️
    Thank you and blessings to all who see this,
  • A man who is a vegetarian

    Please pray that God will lead me to a man who is a vegetarian like me. I have never met a man who is a vegetarian like me before. It is impossible to find vegetarians. I don't think a man who eats meat is ever going to want me.
  • Car accident

    Please pray for me. On April 5th, 2016 I felt like something was wrong and I started crying. God told me that my future husband got into a car accident and to pray for him. I prayed for this man but I still don't know what I heard from God is true or not. I don't know if my future husband really got into a car accident or how to find this right man that got into a car accident. God has still not brought this man into my life yet.
  • Feel forgotten by God

    I feel like God has forgotten me and He has no husband for me. I feel like He has no special someone for me. I need a man in my life. I am lonely. God has never brought a man into my life. I am 27 and tired of waiting. I have never had my first kiss or my first date. No man wants me. Men never notice me or ever ask me out on a date. It makes me feel like something must be wrong with me and that I must be invisible and ugly and not beautiful enough. I must not be good enough. I am unloved and unwanted by men. Men don't like me. I am a vegetarian, shy and quiet and no man wants a girl like me. Pray that God brings the right man into my life soon. Is there really someone out there for everyone?