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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My friend

    Please pray for my friend to have a renewed hunger and passion for Jesus and God's Word. He has lost the fire and left his First Love. Please pray for him to be self controlled, forgiving and humble. It is affecting all the relationships around him. Thank you
  • Father touch me

    Urge fast & pray.
    Heavenly father forgive all OUR sins & deliver us from all devil’s bondage, IF it is YOUR WILL restore my 20 years of marriage, STOP my husband’s mental torture, set me free from all evil thoughts which I could not control, take complete control of ourselves, mind, thought, body, soul, keep us healthy & happy, touch & heal my mind & body, help my daughter in her study, destroy all evil plans against us, protect me at my work place no one may harm me, provide me finance, hide identity IJN Amen
  • Sleepy Hallow Wenatchee Fire

    Pray with me for all the Fire Fighters, Victims, and their animals Safety and that this fire will be controlled soon and strength in their recovery. Amen
  • Lord to soften hearts for Word

    Pls pray the Lord will soften family member's hearts for His Word. May the verse about His love/help be a comfort to them & awaken anew desire to to trust/serve Him!
  • Job Interview

    Im having a job interview soon. And Im really nerves please pray for God will. So I could get the job thank you
  • brother-in-laws cancer

    want to thank all who prayed for my bother-in-law. he lost his battle to cancer this morning at about 11:05, with family and friends at his bedside. thank all that prayed for him this past year or so. he is out of pain and into Gods hands.. thank you all again, nancy PRAISE GOD ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!
  • God's Will

    I am going to the heart doctor on Monday afternoon, because I have been having some angina problems. I don't know what the doctor will say, but I know that whatever he decides, it will be God's will. I am pretty sure he will order an angio-gram to see what is going on in my heart and I pray that God will guide the doctor's hands in this procedure. All of this is in God's Hands. I'd appreciate your prayers. I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able, to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day! Amen!
  • finances and healing

    My husband is depressed about his life and finances. I'm trying to find a part time job to help out.
    Thank you for your prayers they mean a lot.
  • Lord to guide with job change

    Need direction if I should apply for a job in the preschool office I work at. Used to do office work 4 years ago....skills rusty
  • Son hemarroids heal soon

    Son starts job tomorrow & has bad hemarroids. Pls pray he heals very quick