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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Hold up on paperwork

    A business has some of our much needed paperwork for our deal to go through and there's a hold up. I am asking for prayer that they will make this a priority so that we can get things moving along. Thanks.
  • Court Case

    Please pray that my court case is thrown out before trial or that Jesus helps me through! Jesus knows my innocence! I hope his will isn't me go to prison but let his will be done!
  • Homeless single mother with 8 year old son

    We are a pair of believers but need prayer. We are sleeping in our car. Please pray that we find a home, that I find work, and that my child be ok.
  • Immigration case

    asking for prayer for my immigration case to be aprove. Thanks to everyone interceding GBU :-) in the name of Jesus I receive my blessing
  • Pray for Daughter to have a successful week of work


    My daughter just got a big promotion at work, and this week she has a lot of executive meetings and deadlines to meet. I would like to ask that you pray that her meetings go well, and she does an amazing job!! And that everything go well and in her favor!!! She's an amazing person and worker, and I so proud of her!! When one or more get together to pray, there will God be as well......so please say prayers of blessings and favor for my daughter this week and future weeks as you takes on this new position at work!!
  • Marriage Failing

    We are on the verge of divorce. We have two beautiful boys, 4 and 1. Please pray for God's healing and reconciliation to be possible. God knows what we need.
  • stamina & friendships

    Prayer for stamina & connection with friends/family as I watch grandson while husband travels for work. Daughter expecting another child within couple weeks
  • Christian friends for children

    Our sons are in their 20's and raised Christian & live on their own, but nearby. Prayer for them to have door open to live in same house to save $ and also be wise to choose strong Christian roommates
  • Husband guidance & protection

    Pls pray for protection for him while he travels long distance each week to go to work & clarity for us for him to apply for a job closer to home or me to keep alternating staying with him & staying home to help watch grandson (and new one on way)
  • Custody hearing

    Please pray for my custody hearing with my ex on tuesday the 18th. Please pray for healing for our family, our two sons as well as for us. Im asking the judge for a resource to bring healing to our family before a verdict is passed down.