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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for Protection

    Please pray for protection from things in the environment that are causing painful and harmful allergic reactions. Thank you!
    Also please pray for a Christian who is being Persecuted. Please pray that the persecution will end.
  • forgiveness

    My son Scott is so angry of circumstances in his life.....please pray for a forgiving heart, that God will meet him right where he is and he will meet Godly men that can stand behind him in faith, support him with Gods grace and lead him back to the Lord, thank you!
  • Marriage

    Please pray for me to be strong in a situation I am dealing with. Strong in my faith.
  • 83 year old grandma raising an 8 yr old

    My grandma is raising my little cousin. My grandma has lived her whole life in co-dependent relationships. She feels she has to save everyone, so she enables. I feel like she doesnt have a passion for life, but a negative, give up, looks forward to dying, hopeless, attitude towards life. It makes me so sad that she doesnt cling to Jesus. I hope she can give all her hopes, worries, and sadness to the Lord before she dies. I want her to feel peace & victory in this life. Our whole family is dysfunctional---drugs, alcohol, broken families, jealousy, envy etc. It seems like such a hopeless situation when I look at my family dynamics. Since my gramma is 83, I just hope before time runs out that she can experience the unconditional/peaceful love of Jesus Christ. Thank you for praying.
  • Pray for God to break my heart for my sin

    Please pray that God will break my heart for my sins of smoking, gluttony & procrastination. I love the Lord so much, yet I cannot seem to quit smoking for Him. I feel bad every time I do it, but I still do it. It irritates me VERY much. I feel like my prayer life is hindered because of my smoking. I don't know what to do. I'm upset that I cannot just knock it off & QUIT. It's super frustrating. What do I do? I feel like a failure to Him and like I'm a bad witness.
  • Desperate & worried about my 12 year old cousin

    My little cousin is 12 & growing up way too fast. His mom is not in his life at all, she is into drugs & has not been around for a very long time. His father is in his life, but his girlfriend does not like my little cousin. My little cousin runs around with older kids, like 17 year olds. He smokes weed and cigarettes. I just found out he's in jail, which breaks my heart & worries me. He went to school recently & told the teachers he was being abused. I am scared for his life & worried he will go down the same path as his mom. Please please please pray for my little cousin Louie. I love him so much & want him to live a life of freedom & victory. I want him to be a soldier in God's army. Thank you for praying!
  • Prayer for mom & sister

    My mom (72) recently moved & is stressed. I'm flying to help & see her & my sister that lives near her is pregnant (I just found out) and getting married & has lost custody of a son due to emotional issues. Please pray for them both
  • Safety in bad weather

    Family driving in snowy weather...we've alll had minor mishaps driving in the snow in years past & praying for the Lords hand of protection
  • our DIL Sarah and son Jordan in Seattle

    Through very tragic events, our DIL Sarah, contracted an acute pneumonia that went untreated. After several days, and very quickly, she could no longer breathe and lost consciousness. Our son called 911 and began chest compressions immediately but by the time she arrived at Harborview, just minutes away, she had already been without oxygen for 15 - 20 minutes. She has been in a coma now for 7 weeks and her prognosis is very grim. They have two beautiful daughters, 5 and 7 years of age and Jordan is only 31. Jordan and Sarah are very strong Christians and Sarah is a lay minister in their church as well as a mentor and counselor. She also teaches in the girls' school. Our son loves her dearly and desperately needs her back.

  • My crazy family

    I need prayers for my neice, her mom and her stepdad. my neice has been living with us off and on for 3 months now- at the beginning of the school year she was kicked out of her house. Both her and her mother have had a tough and crazy life. My neice doesn't get along with her step dad- my brother in law. she is lying constantly and making choices that teenagers shouldn't be making. As a family they are trying to work through things but it only seems to keep going in circles. They need to find the love and grace of God along with open communication, honesty, and trust.