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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • need prayer for loved one

    I ask you to pray on my sister Lindas behalf again.. She was doing better with the pain in her shoulders, back, neck, and arms.. But she had to go back to work.. And I guess the pain is back with a vengeance.. I have never seen her this tired and sad.. I really care about my sister.. And I hope you find it in your heart to pray for her.. Thank you
  • Guidance in few areas

    I need Lord's wisdom with a few difficult family members.
  • My marriage

    Please pray for my marriage. My spouse is weighing divorce. I want to fight through our battles together. Pray my spouse doesn't give up
  • Wife's health

    Please continue helping me pray for my wife's health she feels much better today, but is still in pain. Thank you to everyone. God bless everyone on this prayer request center, and your family's.

    Mark 11:24
    Therefore I tell you, what ever you ask in prayer believe and you will received it, and it will be yours.

    Agape Bill
  • addiction

    Please pray for Sarah and her brother Daniel. For Sarah that she would get saved and give up her meth addiction. And for Dan that he would come back to the Lord and give up his meth addiction. Thank you and blessings to all.
  • relationship

    I just started dating a kind man, i didn't date for a while after surviving a abusive relationship and i am terrified. I need prayer that God would either strengthen this or sunder it apart. And that the storm in my mind would calm down.
    Im scared, of being hurt, of rejection, of lonliness.... please help i feel so afraid of getting hurt
  • Ben age 17, Brain Tumor

    Please pray for my cousin. His name is Ben and is 17. They just found a very large tumor in his brain and will find out soon if it is even operable. I'm really not sure where they're faith is, so prayers of all kinds are so very appreciated.
  • Asking for prayers!

    Asking for prayers! My life has exploded and I am not sure I can pick up all the pieces this time.
  • prayers needed for my husband.

    I pray that the Lord continues to work on my husband as He is working on me. That he builds his character as a Godly man and builds courage and fire in his heart for the Lord, and that his relationship with the Lord deepens. I ask that he grows closer to the Lord during this time of our seperation and I pray for his healing and pain lifted from his heart and life. I pray for his emotions and ask that the Lord comforts and touches him daily.
  • getting home

    Hi holly s. My Nave is Vernon Wynecoop I live in Spokane Washington On Indian Trail Rd. @ Excelsior Youth Center Will you pray for me to go home I appreciate it.

    I Love Your Radio Station A Lot. You Guys Are A Positive Influence On My Life.