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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • 18 month old grandson

    Prayer he will be healed of his lazy eye & some delays with walking & left side of his body the pediatrician thought he was a little delayed. His mom (our daughter) is backslidden & needs the Lord to move in her life as well as the baby's father
  • Prayers For Health & Healing

    Please pray for my brother in law Mike. He has been sick for several months. They found out that he has four ulcers.
    He cannot eat many foods without getting sick. He is a diabetic and he needs to eat. He gets weak and dizzy and he has no energy. Please pray for my sister in law Martha for strength. The chemo makes her weak and she has leg pains. She has one more chemo treatment for the colon cancer in two weeks. Please pray for me for peace of mind and freedom from anxiety. Some days I feel like I am walking through mud but I keep on going. God Bless and thanks for the prayers!!!!
  • Help at work

    I need to work quickly on certain days at the preschool when we have nine one year olds and only two adults..I love love love the kids but some days are hard to keep a fast pace all day long
  • Cancer

    My friend Sandra's mom has a gastrointestinal stromal tumor. She is not doing so well. Please pray that God works a miracle and heals her. And comfort for both her and Sandra. Thank you
  • marriage separation

    please pray my marriage will be reconciled and God's will be the center of my prayers
  • Money

    I too am worried about rent like "Provision". I have one week to come up with money. I pray over this several times a day. I know God already has everything planned. I would go live in a cave if I could just to catch up on bills but I know that isn't feasible. Praying over everyone here.
  • financial difficulties

    Hello.. My wife and I are having some financial difficulties.. It has been hard on our relationship.. Please pray for us.. Thank you
  • Drug addiction with opportunity of recovery

    My beautiful friends 2 sons are both addicted to drugs. One has the opportunity to go to rehab in FL in the next few days IF he can be released from jail. THere have been numerous chains of events that have happened to open the door for this FL rehab center. These events are truly GOD directed. To many unusual things have happened recently to beleive differently. Requesting prayers for the one young man be released from jail, for one purpose only, which is to go to FL for to seek the treatment that he needs. That he works towards becoming a healthy clean recovered drug addict. Prayers for his younger brother to see that there is hope and healing can happen, that he would following his brother towards a healtly life. My friend is God fearing woman with incredible faith. We need to pull together in prayer that recovery is in line for her sons lives. THANK YOU !
  • faith and work

    Please help me to remember that my work is the Lord's work! Help me to remember that he is on this journey with me as the tour guide. Please pray for his favor when he places me in an opportunity that will allow me to use my Masters and serve him.
  • Provision

    I am in need of God to provide a financial blessing in order to pay rent in a few days plus some bills. I have been working but am not getting enough hours so am believing God for a new job. Thank you!