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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • I lost my keys

    I have been searching and searching for mynkeys. I have not been able to find them for about a week and half know. I can not afford to not have my car keys. I ask for prayers that I find them so I can get back to my normal routine.
  • financial

    My wife and I are going through some financial problems.. I am going to the bank tomorrow to see if they will loan us the money for some debts that we owe.. I would appreciate it if you would pray that they would show us favor.. And that God would be with us.. Thank you and God bless..
  • Trusting in the Lord - Prayers have been answered

    I have put my total trust in the Lord and my prayers for a new job that would allow me to use the skills that he has given me, as well as, give back to the community has developed. I have landed a job that will allow me to do just what the Lord wants me to do. I am thrilled and believe that he was just waiting for me to give it all to him. Thank you Lord!
  • New Direction

    Hi, I have been off of work for an extended amount of time due to a work injury. I recently found out that I would not be able to return to that job due to the restrictions that were put on me. My entire life style was arranged around that job, so it was a kick in the stomach kind of feeling. I have since started to fill out applications as I can't be with out a job but it is difficult to find somewhere that will allow me to work under my restrictions as well as meeting my life style standards. I did however find something that I believe I would excel at, so I was hoping that I could get a few extra prayers in that direction Thank you!

  • Supervisor willing to change my class for summer

    I've been recuperating from tennis elbow from my job duties(day care) and its a year round school so pls pray I can be temporarily put in another class over summer then return to my regular class without issues
  • divorce

    My husband has cheated on me. And has another child with his new girlfriend and I want to divorce him but I still love him. I need your prayers. To decide what to do
  • Not strong enough

    I am just not strong enough and feel like quitting. I keep praying but none of my prayers are answered. Can you all prayer for me on my behalf?
  • God is good

    Thanks God for hearing my prayers and people who prayed for me,I FINALY got a job.
  • Its about a friend!

    Hello, I'm lizzy and I have this friend that needs lot of prayer and her name is Taylor. There has been a lot of conflicts with her and lots of frustration. My sister and I love her to pieces, but it feels she is the one that does not want to cooperate well. I do the very best to do all I can do. She is a new believer and bless her heart, she now feels she belongs to a church and wants to know more of God. Please pray for her understanding and for our friendship.

  • Thank you

    Thank you all for all your prayers!! I got a job n now i can try to save my house fir me Andy family n i owe this to god for believing on me and you all who encourage me through prayer !! I pray that you all get your prayer request answer! Thank god for always answering my prayer through your grace and glory!!! I know he will to you all too!!!