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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • breast cancer

    My wife Dianna needs prayer, she just found out that her breast cancer is back for the second time in less than 2 years. She goes in on 6-2-15 for surgery. Please everyone pray that they are able to cure her this time and that she will have the strength to overcome the mountains that may stand in her way.
  • My friend believes that if God is real - then He hates her. She is suicidal and going through so many negative life changes.

    My friend is in the mire. She doesn't believe that God exists. If He does believe, then He loathes her.
    She has been abused: mentally, physically, sexually. For years. She has no parents: adoptive, foster, or other. She has no support. She has been clinically depressed for years. She has tried every kind of prescription medicine with no benefit. She has been in mental institutions even though she isn't insane. She has scars from trying to kill herself. She has PTSD and rarely sleeps. She has a boyfriend she feels little love or support from whom she just became pregnant with. She is failing out of school even though she is trying her hardest.
    She needs God's love in a big way. She's a closed door. She's lost and alone. She feels that no one has ever, ever known the kind of pain and alone that she has suffered through.
  • Adoption

    Please pray that my husband and I will be able to adopt the baby boy that we have bin caring for full time the last 21/2 months. We love him so much and want to make sure he grows up knowing Jesus.
  • Praying for our teenagers

    Good morning everyone! Driving to work at 5am is such a joy, I see sunset every morning and I know God is there watching over us. I would like to ask everyone to pray for my kids, Natasha and Tatiana, and all teenagers. They are going through so much at school, friends, self-esteem, Christianity, future plans.
    Please pray with me for all of them. THEY NEED us!
    Thank you and God Bless!
  • update on Sarah

    I posted a prayer about my niece Sarah, and her being addicted to meth.. I just wanted to say that the prayers are having an effect.. She was mourning about losing her kids.. I thought that would be a great opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move.. And I told her that God could turn her life around at any time.. But she didn't give me much more of a chance to speak.. Just kind of ignored it.. I ask you to just keep praying for her.. We know the Father doesn't want to lose 1.. She is a very kind person.. Just has made bad mistakes.. And bless you for praying.. This stronghold of the devil needs to be broken.. And bring this wonderful young lady into the fold.. In Jesus name.. Thanks all
  • adult children - housing for myself

    Pray for my son. he was evicted from his rental. he needs a good roommate & a new place to live very quickly. pray for him to be wise.
    Pray for my daughter she is very unhappy her boyfriend broke up with her. She seems to think she is not good enough for anyone. she has become depressed & has not been eating.
    My rent has increased $300 a month due to crazy fees the new owers are giving us. I now can not pay my rent. I can not pay my bills I am getting late fees & notices that I have not paid my bills. I am afraid I am going to get evicted. I tried moving however the price or rent is the same at or higher at other places. Pray for wisdom for me & I ask that the Lord send me a way to pay my bills.
    Last week I requested prayer on here and during that week what I prayed for happened.
  • best friend

    I feel lead to pray for the Lord to lead me to my best friend. My Friends are all getting married, have moved away, too busy to spend time with me. I need a best friend to share my life with, to travel with, to laugh with and cry with. Please pray for me to find that person and that doors will open up for me. I am lonely, getting depressed and feeling unloved. I know that Christ loves me, but he wants me to interact with other people too. Pray the Lord sends me a special friend.
  • My friend -- Jack

    Please pray for a family friend, Jack, who was recently hospitalized -- I don't think the doctors know what is wrong, but he keeps vomitting and is generally, not well. Jack has a great sense of humor and has brought joy to so many others through the years -- hard to know that he is in pain. It's also hard on his wife of 50+ years, to see him this way. Thank you very much for your prayer support.
  • need for prayer

    I am having a hard time letting go and whating for our lord to answer my prayeres. I really need peace that he is going to take care of us with all our needs. Thank you lord gor being there for me and others.
  • Vacation

    Everything is going great. I work 2 jobs and I have an upcoming vacation in July. I am saving up my money an overseas trip and please pray that I will have enough money for it.
    Thank you PLR for your ministry. My car radio is always on 104.9 FM... :)