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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Will to lose weight

    On Bipolar meds w/ incr app/wt gain. Can't stop these. Am 120 lbs. overwt. Can't stop eating; don't care. I've prayed 4 so long. Today I've already had 3 Pop tarts, 1/3 lge box donut holes, 1 scone, eggs/sausage. Eat 2-3 things 4 b-fast, 2 sand 4 lunch w/ mayo, 3 helpings din, snacks after din until 10:00. Drink tons of H20. Unable to eat fruits/veg or fiber foods d/t chronic sm bowel obstruction & hospitalizations. Being chastised by family. Do not feel sorry 4 me; I don't.

    I ask U pray w/ me that God gives me courage 2 want 2 lose wt--not just 2 help me lose wt. If I don't want 2, it's not going 2 happen. I want the will 2 do this. I need 2 do this. I need His will. I can't do this alone & I ask that you pray w/ me. Thank U 4 listening.

    God Bless U!

    Patti Bughi (boogie)
    (509) 520-5075
  • A

    Please pray for "A". She is a foster kid, who has no ties to her family, has a foster family who is kind but not able to fulfill her basic needs. She is tormented and bullied every school day and they steal from her and throw her belongings outside in the rain. Her foster family gave her a special present and the kids at school took it away from her. She is at her breaking point. So young to deal with so much! Please pray that God would work a miracle for this young lady!
  • Pregnant and alone

    Hello, I don't usually do this, but I am in serious need of prayer. I believe prayer is powerful. I am nearly 22 and i'm 13 weeks pregnant. I already have one little girl who is soon to be three. Her dad and I were together for 3 years, but we did not work out. Nine months after we broke up I met an amazing man of God and I gave my life to christ. It was literally love at first sight to me. Fast forward 7 months, now I am pregnant and he has left me. Please pray that our relationship can be restored through Christ.
  • So Heartbroken

    Our divorce is about to be finalized. I am so heartbroken. Prayers desperately needed.
  • Accepting Jesus as his savior

    Please pray for Jonathan to invite Jesus to his heart and to make the decision of getting baptize soon.
  • (no subject)

    Thank you for all your prayers my son is receiving bible studies, and he knows that the only way to overcome addiction is through Jesus. Please continue praying for Edgar to accept Jesus as he savior and the only one who can overcome his addiction.
  • Healing for Earth

    Please God if it be in your will then help our ozone layer to heal itself In Jesus Christ Name I pray and say Thank you Amen
  • RE: Stress

    Thank you for all the prayers and the notes from Joani and Anonymous! I am praying for you both as well. The notes really brighten my day when I was in great despair. God did come through and I have money for my bills this month. Not sure about next month but at least for now I can breathe. This is truly a blessing! A miracle did happen. Bless you all and I am keeping you all in my prayers.
  • financial family and lawsuit

    please pray for my family we are going through a lot.We have a lawsuit that will happen soon. we need a financial blessing to pay off the debt we are under.my daughter and I are the only ones working & we just found out she is pregnant & the father isn't in the picture.my girlfriend cant work & she is on disability and doesn't make much. her 2 daughters live with us and the oldest 1 is on probation and cant work & has to go to rehab for her addiction. She came here to start a new life for her and her 3 kids she left behind to get her life straightened out. I am low income and we have to get help from food banks to get food in our home and to help us with bills. I used credit cards to get us through but they are all maxed out. I know it was a mistake to use them but I wanted to give them a better life.because of my decisions my family is falling apart.
  • pray for michelle m triska

    pray god heals gas, hernia, flatuence, body producing gas, need car, friends, go back to group, heal discomfort, pain, stress,