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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • the relationship con.

    I put a prayer request on earlier and I appreciate all who have prayed for me and my fiancé over this past week.
    Please keep the prayers coming, I know the Lord is working even when evil and odds are against our relationship, she is supposed to contact me soon and to be honest I'm scared of what she will say, but have continual peace of my love and commitment and the truth that has been shown. Please pray that the Lord will open up her eyes and heart to His will, His love and that she will continue to see my love and committed heart. Please pray that she will let go of anything that is not of the Lord, that she will fully see what God has brought her like He does for me. I choose to love her more than myself, I pray she will see and trust this. Please pray for strength in my heart, and courage to follow God's guiding hand too continue following His plan.
  • Doubt and fear

    I just started a bible study called The Armor of God by Priscella Shirer. I have always had doubts about my salvation but satan has been attacking me times a thousand since I started this study. Please pray for me to be delivered from this doubt and fear. I don't want to let satan continue to win. He is trying to steal my joy. Please pray that I won't trust my feelings but my God and that I won't give up on my bible study. Thank you so much.
  • Our rent

    Our lease ends the end of this month. So will you please pray that they will not raise our rent on the new lease.
    Thank you so much!
  • RE: Mom's surgery

    Thank you all for the prayers regarding my mom's surgery. The surgery went well without complications which was a huge relief since my mother has low tolerance to most medical things. Now I ask for continue prayers for her healing. Sometimes the recovery can take months and upwards of 60% loss of the use of the hand, wrist and arm is common. Thank you and Amen.
  • Prayers for Georgia

    God be with Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal. Strengthen his resolve and lead him to make faithful, moral decisions than rightly glorify you.
  • (Ex) Father in law's Retirement

    Would like prayer as I'm hoping to attend my (ex) father in law's retirement party....I'm still really close with the family despite the divorce. My ex will be there and am trying to work it out with him to go at separate times as my father in law really wants all of his grand kids there (I have 3 of the 4 grand kids). Pray that my ex would be willing to go at separate times to celebrate this special occasion. At the moment he's unwilling....
  • Mom's surgery

    My mom is having surgery this morning for a reconstruction. I am praying that the surgeon will be guided by the Lord's hands and that she will be able to maintain movement in her hand, wrist and arm and that the surgery will go smoothly without any hiccups and she will have a swift recovery and be able to use that whole arm again as it was before these problems arose. Amen.
  • Please pray for my family

    My family is going through sone legal issues, kids are suffering, but we are trusting in the Lord, and this issue is bringing closer to our God. It is a difficult time,pkease pray that we stay strong in the Lord, that my son Edgar, Ricky and my daughter Karen see how mighty is our God and how much he loves us.
  • Purity in dating

    This is my prayer and my plea to you for guidance dear christian community. I am dating a christian girl and she is my first girl friend. She says romance is ok ie kissing, hugging, caressing as long as we don't have sex since we are unmarried. we have also had oral sex. I have been taught that kissing, hugging, caressing, oral sex plus sex (penetrative) should all be saved for marriage. Can you pray for me to know God's Will ie what is permissible and what isn't for a boyfriend and girlfriend? Also that i will have the courage to know and do the right thing. Thank you and God bless
  • Struggles

    My sweetheart is struggling in his new job and isn't getting the support he needs from his superiors. We know that the Lord led him to this position, and that He will provide what he needs. His stress level is off the charts, it is affecting his health and overshadowing every good thing. Please keep him in your prayers, that God would open his eyes and heart again to the countless blessings all around him, even in the midst of the chaos.