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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • pray request

    I want to pray for Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. Praying that the surgery goes well and that he will have a speedy recovery. Pray that I will find the perfect job for me and pray that I will be patient with Jesus and know if it is the job for me. Please help me to be a Christian for Jesus, and be saved that when he comes I will be ready. Thank-you!
  • Son's job

    We're praying our son gets the job he recently interviewed for
  • Interview

    Please lift me up. I had two interviews this week. Both opportunities would allow me to use the skills that the Lord has provided me with, as well as, do his work. Please pray for his favor upon me.
  • Nursing NCLEX exam

    So I had a prayer request regarding this the first time and well I ended up not passing the first time.
    I really need prayer to help me to retain the information, to have god take away my testing anxiety, and to above all have faith in myself. I have a lot of doubt and fear since I failed the first time and for many reasons I need to pass this time. Please send good prayers that I may pass. I take the exam on the 23rd of March.

    Thank you and god bless.
  • life

    I just can't take anymore of life's gut punches. Please pray the hurt will stop.
  • Health

    I kinda got a little sick and have something important going on tomorrow. Can you please pray that I am healthy and able to go.
  • daughter

    Please pray for my daughter as she is overwhelmed with a difficult new job, even though she is thankful for it, surgery coming up for a for a close friend, and financial worries. Thank you and God bless.