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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Stronger future relationships

    I have been out of relationships in and out, left and right, and Christian and non-Christian. I have been praying that God would make them stronger and that my faith would be stronger...no matter the outcomes. I guess I also need to have patiences too and that God will provide in His time and not on mine. All and any prayers would be appreciated in this area. Thank you!
  • Pray for husband's decision making

    Please pray that my husband will sense the Lord's leading regarding our recent home purchase.
    He will be talking to a lender tomorrow & also doing an inspection this week, so I'd like the Lord to
    confirm with him that this is the right home.
  • Prayer for son's stressful college workload

    Please pray that our son would thrive this semester at the tech school he is attendiing. He is very bright & interested in the subject matter, but this is the hardest semester he will be facing. He needs understanding in some difficult subjects and strength to keep up his long commute each day. Please also pray he finds another person to carpool with soon. Thanks!
  • Son's job search

    Please pray that Josh get the job he applied for. He really needs a job, since he has been out of work for a year & we are moving 4 hours away. It seems best that he stay in his hometown for a while and work...he needs employment very much. Please pray that the Lord would have the manager he interviewed with yesterday to look upon him with favor. Thanks very much!
  • My daughter's health

    Please pray for my daughter as she has extreme bowel issues, and has already had surgery for this problem. But it has made her isolate herself from friends and now she is extremely lonely and depressed.
  • Need a job

    I just found out that I may be losing my job. This is my first job, but I'm scared not to have one. I need the money for college. So please pray for me that maybe I can keep the job I have or a new job comes around soon!
  • Strength Hope and Provision

    Please pray for us. We are a family of three living together, My Brother and I Stay with my mom and are both on SSI. My Brother Suffers with Aspbergers and Bipolar Along with Chronic Migraines and Fybromyalgea and cannot work. My Mother Has Exhausted herself providing for us on her own and now suffers with chronic Fybromyalgea and other Pain, She feels bad that she has to live off of us and feels frustrated not being able to work. She Has Applied for SSI and disabilities but was denied due to bias opinions. Things are getting worse for us we are losing funds left and right and seem to be hit with something new each day. I ask for prayer that things will start looking up, strength encouragement and hope for my mother, and especially hope for my brother who is very angry and frustrated. -Thank you and God Bless
  • co-workers husband

    please pray for my co-workers husband, he is going through a complete change of career and will be traveling away from his wife, please pray for guidance, support and love!
  • Prayers for family friend in hospital with several health complications

    A dear family friend is currently in the hospital (AGAIN) for heart-related issues. He is NOT doing well, and has had several health complications since having heart surgery a couple months ago. The prognosis is not good. His heart & kidneys are both doing poorly. Asking for God's healing and comfort for his wife & family during this stressful time in their lives.
  • Purpose in my life

    I am 39 and lost. I have everything. I have 2 amazing kids and a man who loves me but I feel alone. I stopped going to church since my parents always made us go and I lost interest since I became a mom. I need God to show me why I am here and what is my purpose in life. I am lost, confused, sad, feel alone. My parents have never been warm and fuzzy, miss having a parent who can love and cherish/share life with me as a daugther. :( Thank you