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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for deliverance

    Please pray for deliverance from a serious health condition. Please pray for good medical help. Thank you!
  • God will

    Please prayer I am asking for some prayer I am going thought some family
  • God Will

    Dear plosive life radio

    I am asking for some prayer
  • Interview

    I have a job interview on Wednesday. God is in control, I pray that he will speak through me and lead me into what he has in store for my life. I have to have the faith that God knows what is best for my life, not what I want, but what he wants. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Need healing (a miracle)

    Please pray for my brother-in-law's sister-in-law. She was beaten and strangled by her boyfriend who was high. She is now in ICU unresponsive, not breathing on her, own and has extreme brain swelling.
  • Wedding in July 4th of this year hopefully

    Please pray for my fiancé and I who are struggling financially to plan our wedding in July 4th. Please pray the Lord will provide that He will give us strength to stay focus on him that Christ will show us and give us wisdom to know what to do. That God will give us patience and understanding, because neither one of us has been married by the church. We want to do it right this time. We want to have an amazing celebration and our guest to enjoy themselves but it’s hard when there’s not a lot of money to work with. Thank you, God Bless
  • Brother-in-law

    Please pray for my (ex) brother-in-law, John. I have been witnessing to him, and trying to help with some family issues involving his kids. Too much to go into. My request is for him, for his salvation. He just learned he has stage 3 colon cancer, and is not understanding the seriousness. I know God can help him overcome this, please pray for that. Above all else, I am concerned for his eternal future.
  • teenage son

    I have made several requests for prayer for my teenage son, and the things he's dealing with as well as his relationship with his father. I wanted to let everyone know that God is working and I can see evidence of this fruit - Peace, love and hope of the future. We still have some hurdles, but God has been faithful. Thank you so very, very, very much.
  • my relationship

    Please pray for my fiance and me who are struggling with our relationship. Please pray the Lord will touch her heart that He will give her strength to stay in this commitment, that Christ will show His truth and take away her fear, doubt, and selfishness. That God will give me patience and understanding. Thankyou, God Bless
  • SSI

    Thank you everyone who has prayed for me. i have made a few posts already. April 5 is my mother's SSI hearing. Please pray it will go in her favour. May God bless you and be with you in what ever struggles you are facing yourselves. God bless!