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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • help

    I would like to pray for Irina Lord. I am very touched that this special person is out there. I pray that you would be with her in this hard time. Life is very hard. But we know in our hearts Lord that Irina is special to you. And a blessing. We ask in the name of the mostly holy Father that she would be delivered from thoughts of suicide. We pray that she would be safe in this hard time God. And that she would understand you love her. We pray for her family, that they would not have to worry Lord. That Irina would come home safe and transformed from affliction. I pray that you would make a calling on her life. In Jesus mighty name. Amen
  • Financial

    Need a financial blessing Lord please, so I can take care of my family.. Need your guidance on what choices I should make.. Thank you
  • Job where best for hunny & family

    Hubby desiring different job/company
  • Visitation for two people

    Pls pray our grandsons father will cooperate with our daughter peacefully & stop the anger/threats. Also that my sister in CA can have peaceful visitation also
    For her son
  • Son to find different job soon

    Son works 12 hour shifts on weekends & it's impossiblr to attend church Sundays now. He needs a job that will not require work every Sunday
  • Alcoholism and death

    I would like to request a prayer for two friends of mine who just lost their mother to alcoholism. A prayer for healing and all those with addictions to know the God is there to save them if they just call on Him.
  • anxiety/depression

    Struggling with anxiety/depression/self-doubt/lonliness fear and my list goes on. I am looking for either a new job or a second job I can not decide and do not seem to be having any luck. I feel extremely hopless right now due to my finacial circumstances. I have no friends and can not place all the burden on my amazing husband.
  • pregnancy, apartment, worried new Dad

    My son's girlfriend is pregnant and due in December and they are looking for an apartment and have not found one as of yet. Please pray they find somewhere safe to live and that it is affordable for them. My son is very upset and scared and wants to find a home for his family.
  • shingles

    I have shingles please pray for a quick recovery. I have missed three weeks of work. I need the money but my doctor wont let me return to work. please pray the Lord opens doors. dr said I got the shingles because I am under too much stress and I need a vacation. Pray that I am able to take a vacation somewhere.
  • Right decision for job search

    Husband needs guidance with a job change. Opportunity in prior town but adult kids/grandson recently moved to be near us so moving again seems wrong unless they can come too