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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • stress

    I am having so much stress and anxiety over my current situation.. I just want everything to work out.. And it seems like nothing ever does.. Please pray for me.. Thank you
  • Job loss

    Please pray for my husband and our family as we are suffering his second job loss in the matter of a single year. It's frustrating how nothing seems to work out and he is struggling to find a good job that won't dissapear. We feel lost and angry. Please pray that he finds lasting work soon, and that he is able to make the right choice.
  • Cancer healing

    Please pray for my cousin. She is in her third battle with brain cancer. She is tired of fighting and struggling to find hope because this keeps reoccurring. Please pray for her and her family.
  • Pray for my dad to get right with God

    I pray that my Dad quits drinking alcohol and take his relationship with God seriously and Gods clears him of the spiritual blindness he has and if he has a seared conscience for his conscience to be cleansed. I think my dad has to be cleansed of his pride. I went with my dad to pick his grandkids up (not my kids, but my brothers kids) and my dad had a beer in the truck and was drinking a little bit of it, I told him not to drink because of his grandkids and that he needed to be clear minded to drive and keep them safe. He took another drink before we got to the grandkids house and I didn't know what to do. When we finally stopped at the house, I asked him if I could pour the beer out and he said "yes" so I think he felt guilty, I know this is very illegeal and maybe I should of called the cops on him but it is hard to do that in the heat of the moment.
  • For my family to be strong in the Lord

    My family is going through sone legal issues, kids are suffering, but we are trusting in the Lord, and this issue is bringing closer to our God. It is a difficult time,pkease pray that we stay strong in the Lord, that my son Edgar, Ricky and my daughter Karen see how mighty is our God and how much he loves us.
  • To move out

    Could you pray that we would be able to move out of our apartment. It is to late to give them 20 day notice. That they are willing to work with us.
    Thank you!
  • marriage

    I ask prayer for mixed-race couples wich suffer so many attacks. Let us not forget that Joseph formed a mixed-race couple with Asenath (Genesis 41:45), also Moses with zipporah (Exodus 2:15-22), David's Great-granparents Naomi and Boaz (read the book named Ruth), David's Great-Great-grand parentes Salmon and Rahab - interestingly, Rahab was from a people thought to be under a curse, the Canaanites, and the only woman to be cited in Genealogy (Mathew 1:5).
  • Marriage and Family

    I confessed sin to my spouse and now I am no longer living with my family. I am owning my issue and have found help and am continuing to press into God. I am so thankful I no longer have to carry that burden. My prayer is for Healing, restoration, and for my family to be reunited! God is able! thanks for interceding!