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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Desire for good eating habits

    Pls pray I will desire to kick the coffee habit (truly) and that it won't be difficult. Also that my energy will improve & guidance for less stressful job will be obvious soon
  • Want to hear from Dad

    My dad is in another state & he isn't answering his phone due to issues with another family member. Pls pray he will return calls & desire to connect with me more often
  • Son to be safe on job

    Pls pray our 26 yr old son will be able to get the safety equipment he needs at work before he is required to climb the 30 ft ladders again
  • Sister needs miracle

    My sister lost custody of her son a couple of years ago, due to emotional problems & lack of income, etc. she is able to visit with a 3rd party & needs $ to go to court again or Lord to soften heart of other person so she can see him more
  • (no subject)

    Son to be encouraged and for the Lord to open up more Christian friendships for him. Also, our daughter to get time off to see us Juky 3rd & 4th & our homeowners association to allow us to park our sons car on the side street next to our house. Have no room
  • Please pray for my son

    Please pray for my son. So he can overcome drugadiction, he feels miserable, and has lost everything even his family. Please pray so he submits his will to God and let him take the lead if his life.
  • Finances

    Please pray for our finances! Thank you.
  • My boss is very ill

    I am requesting prayers for my boss, Pat Chittim. He and his wife are amazing Christ led individuals. He has become very ill. He has seen numerous specialists for lung and heart with no answers. And now he is going through very serious in-depth testing. I am needing additional prayers that God's guidance be with all the individuals involved in this process and for a complete miraculous healing for my boss.
    Thank you
  • Prayers for son

    My son has ocd and anxiety. Please pray that he will find ways to help him and overcome these struggles. We are hoping he can find peace within himself and a passion for the outdoors to keep him busy and free from his ocd and anxiety. Thanks for your prayers. God bless.
  • Family

    Ease pray for horse Steve because he hurt his eye and it doing better, but its still not too good. He is getting up there in age, but will always be a big part of my life no matter what. He saved my life, so I wondering if you could please help me save his.