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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Trying to find a job

    I've been out of work almost a month now. I am a single parent with three boys. I am a RN and have had very stressful jobs. I am praying for a decent paying job with good benefits that's not so stressful that I truly enjoy. I dropped off my resume at a doctors office. I followed up by calling the office manager today she said the office is expanding and she put my resume at the top of the list if they hire anymore nurses. Please pray for me to get this job or another job that's less stressful that I can still see my boys and spend quality time with them. Thank you.
  • Job

    I applied for a job, and I know that they are hiring, because my friend works there. It has been a couple of weeks and they just had someone quit on them. I really want to work for this company and need a job. I would like prayer that I get called in for a job interview and that it goes really well and they hire me. Thank you, God Bless.
  • health and job

    Please pray for my health and complications from 30+ years of diabetes. Also the difficulties at my job from changes, employees and management. Thank you and God Bless!
  • Son to put Lord/church first

    Our 24 year old is believer but has no strong Christian friend near him. His good friend in area lives with a gf & my son helps him with little business. I've been encouraging him but he thinks I nag