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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Payer for foster daughter

    Please pray for my foster daughter Danniela. She has been in foster care for 3 years. She lies and steals things. Her self esteem is so low. She states she doesn't want to be like her mother who does inappropriate things. Dannniela also has a 17 year old sister who has a 8 month old little girl and she also has a younger brother and sister who are all in foster care. Mom states she wants to start going to church but cant find anyone to go with her. Please pray for the whole family.
  • Pray for a non-believer

    Jonathan was an active Christian, but now does not believe in God, the Bible, Jesus or anything Christian. He surrounds himself with people that strengthen this unbelief. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to him, for him to listen and to make him deaf to the lies that Satan wants him to believe.
    If you are a prayer warrior and are willing, we will be praying for him every day at 4:15 PM PDT.
    Thank you so much.
  • Needs

    I have one bill that must be paid in 4 days and another in a week. I need God to move big or I am going under. I am so sad!
  • Mom & sister struggling

    Pls pray my sister will forgive our Mom for revealing her emotional & anger issues that ultimately resulted in her losing custody of her son. She still can see him but only with supervised visits....a sad situation
  • Suicidal Sister

    Please, please pray for my sister. Her ex was a music minister and he and her best friend had an affair and then broke up their marriages and are now married. They lied about her doing drugs and were fined for it after she was tested by the court. She and her kids were homeless and she got down to 80 lbs. She became an alcoholic and is suicidal. Her kids are out of high school so she is alone. She has been bullied by her ex and the friend and they say they are Christians but they've have been so cruel. I hurt so bad for her.
  • Despair

    I have two bills that are due in less than a week and more to follow. I have prayed over and over to find a cheaper, safe place to live or be provided with more income. I feel so much despair and I can't sleep. I have tried so many options but they have all been closed doors. I am too tired to do this anymore. There's got to be more to life than this.
  • Blending our family

    PLease pray for our youngest son, my fiance is not used to the terrible two's and our oungest is deffinately testing us. we demand respect in our household an our three boys know this. But the yougest has been showing alot of hostility towards my fiance lately nad I pray that we get through this and that god not only calms Brandon's heart but opens Colton's to respect and understanding.
    he has become too much of a mama's boy and as his mother it makes me feel like i am failing.
    please Lord guide Brandon and I down the right path of parenthood and please let this weekend of alone time that they will have together mend their bond and relationship and fill it with love respect and understanding.

    thank you and gld bless
  • please pray for mom

    My mom has problems with her health and i want to ask to pray for her please.
  • Court Case for my home

    My daughter’s father filed a court case against to force my home into sale/foreclosure so he can get money that he did not invest in the home. He has made several false claims and I need a heavenly intervention NOW. He is such a bitter person. He is asking for over $60K which I cannot afford to pay him and since his name is on the mortgage and the deed, there is a possibility that the court will order the home be sold. I want to keep my home because I struggled and paid over $200K in mortgage since 2008 after he walked out and left me with a baby and $3,000 in monthly payments. We bought the home together but he walked away and did not pay his half of the mortgage as agreed. I struggled on my own now he wants the home to be sold because he knows that I stand to lose a lot more than he ever will. Please pray God's grace for a miracle and that God work things out in my favor. Thanks.
  • Prayers for my sick spouse

    I would appreciate it very much if you would pray for my husband. He has congestive heart failure. On more than one occasion, he almost died. He is having trouble breathing, so taking him to the ER. He was in ICU last time for several days. He told me this morning he feels he is dying. I cannot lose him. I love him very much. He is a good and caring person. Thank you for reading this.