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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Lord's help needed

    My sister wants a situation changed in her life regarding her son & needs the Lord to work it out...it is hard to tell which way is the best
  • Safe travel for family

    Pls pray they will be protected by the Lord when they drive two states away to go to a wedding & can have talks about the Lord while there
  • Daughter relationship

    She needs strength & desire to follow Jesus & trust Him by making godly choices instead of fleshly desires...has baby with unsaved man who is reluctant to marry & she needs Lord to be strong again
  • A dear friend with Lung Cancer

    I have recently got back in contact with a old friend who I just learned has lung cancer and is currently doing chemotherapy and has been given less then a year to live, he is a dear friend of my family and would really appreciate all prayers we all know the Lord can heal him and bring him back to perfect health so thank you for your prayers.
  • Breakthrough

    I have been fasting and praying for a long time for the restoration of my marriage. Lord touch my husbands heart and heal and restore us for all your glory
  • Safe return

    Please pray for my boyfriend who has been unable to return from a business trip in another country. He has been gone for 7 months and it was only supposed to be two weeks. Pray that the Lord opens the door for him to be able to finally return home.
  • Prayers Needed

    Please pray that God takes my desire to gamble away. Its hurting my marriage and family. I also would like it you prayed for my marriage and for my 3 beautiful children. God knows what we need dont want to get into to much details. Thanks so much!
  • Chico - Missing Kitty

    Thank you for all your prayers and praise God, when I got up this morning, I went to the back door to let our dog out & guess who was sitting on the porch, Chico! He'd been gone for three days & nights, so it is truly a miracle!
  • My Son's Missing Kitty - Chico

    Please pray that Chico will be returned home safely, he is my son's kitty & he misses him. Chico is only about 6 months old, a grey & black tiger tabby with a really long coon-ringed tail. Thank you!
  • Thank you

    I just wanted to thank everybody who prayed for me the other day when I had the flu.. I have never got over the flu so fast in my life.. I feel much better.. God is good, and so are his people.. God bless