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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Sister & Mom in CA

    Please pray for protection for Mom & sis and her to be able to work or volunteer to stay busy & still receive the help she needs for now. Willingness to go back to church, maintain healthy godly relationships and desire to trust rhe Lord. Alot of emotional baggage and years of bad decisions that have caused them much grief. Ability/discernment for them and strength for me to trust my husband's judgement with my conversations with them
  • A new body for a new heart

    Hi, I just know you prayer warriors can get this done! I HAVE CHF and I'm only 27. I have a device on my heart called an LVAD. What I need pray for is my body to lose this water weight and weight it's self. If you know what an LVAD is... It is very annoying. So that's why I need a heart transplant. God has a heart out there for me! It's all in his time. He has blessed me and brought me this far with all the complications... He has a plan for me. And maybe this might get the wheels turning a bit more by asking for prayer. .. thank you.
  • relationship

    Several years ago my boyfriend was diagnosed with an acute illness that can/will kill him if he does not take care of himself. At first he was dealing well with this. However, years of not being able to work have worn on him. Not to mention complicated an already bad situation with his ex wife and he can not afford to fight her to see his daughter or pay his child support. This has caused him to become severely depressed and begin drinking. He has become verbally and emotionally abusive to me and himself. How do I help him and myself? The more I pray the more I feel God wants me to stay. But I am hurting and tired of the abuse and watching him give up. We need God's mercy.