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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Addiction

    I'm a recovering alcoholic of 7 years. There is hope, Diane! God is bigger!! Prayed for you and your family.
  • peace

    Please pray for peace for me.
    My husband died 6 years ago, hiking. We didn't find him for 11 days and this time of year is always hard for me.
    Thank you my friends.
  • Addiction

    My husband is depressed about life and how controlling his addiction is. Pleas pray for him to be set free. Also healing for our family.
    Thank you!
  • work

    A nasty coworker who thinks they are in charge and my boss said I did not handle a situation right and were very harsh even mean to me. Neither care that I am under major stress from my family life and at work. I asked to get together tomorrow but I am uncertain it will go better. I need the job with benefits so I ask for the right words and that I will not start crying and it will go well and they wont spread their version. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Daughter drug test

    My daughter has been sober for 5 months now and we had a hair follicle test done today that if she passes it she can request some visitation time with her daughter she has not seen in about a year. So any prayers for her test to come out negative for anything bad would be greatly appreciated.
  • Jennifer collar bone update

    Went to the surgeon with my daughter yesterday. Her collar bone is in three pieces and she is in so much pain all the time. Her surgery is Friday morning at 7.30am. Please pray for a steady hand for the surgeon. She has had problems with anesthesia in the past and she is very scared to go under again. Prayers for the technician who will be administering the anesthesia to be watchful of her problems. She is worried about her job too. I am hoping and praying the recovery will be quicker than predicted but the surgeon said four weeks to six months. I know God will be her strength and guide throughout the recovery but I know prayers will help too. Thank you.
  • Grandma

    I thank you for praying for my mother she is doing well after her surgery i would appreciate it if you added my grandmother to your list as well. Right now my grandmother is having health issues and the doctors are checking her for cancer. she will have tests later this month. Please pray the outcome is positive but what ever comes of it she will have strength comfort and healing, also pray that she would be drawn to God. God bless all of you.
  • Meeting

    I've got a really important meeting tomorrow. I don't think I will be able to sleep but I need to so I can speak clearly and concisely. I am hoping I have a peaceful evening and everything goes well in my meeting.
  • My friend struggling with her biggest battle

    My friend Jessica has been feeling hopeless in life and really wants to give up but she has a very determined to be successful and she was 21 and she was misdiagnosed by doctors and parents when she was a minor and was put on medications and side effects to medication caused a nurological disorder dystonia and tardive dyskinesia and cant walk and she struggling know that she's in a wheelchair over a year now and walking with music was her favorite thing to do when she would go walk knowone could keep up with her she was like in a magical world walking and she feel like she is fighting the world off by herself and she just can't do it anymore and just wants to give up but then someone will give her some hope to keep fighting and so I would greatly appreciate if people would say a prayer for her to over come this battle and be a very strong lady.
  • Dad's anger and possible dementia

    Please keep my mother and myself in prayer for my dad/husband. His anger is getting worse and we think he has dementia. He is almost 91. We never know what will set him off and now we are starting to fear for our own safety. He is still at home with us. We need wisdom and guidance on what to do. Thank you and God bless!