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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Adoption

    My son and his wife have been trying for the last 2+ years to get pregnant, including invitro, and unfortunately have been unsuccessful. They have thought long, and become very educated on adopting and are now in the process. They have both always been in favor of adopting, even before the realization that possibly having their own biological child would not be in the plan. They are so excited about what will come of this process and want to start a family so much. They will be amazing parents, and have a community of friends and family that totally support their decision. Please pray that the right opportunity will be presented to them and the process will go smoothly. I know God will provide in his time. Thanks
  • Marriage Failing

    My husband wants me out of the house today. He wants a separation. We have two little boys. Please pray for God to soften his heart towards me, for miraculous healing. To guide me on what I need to do for my family. On what God wants from me. I want my marriage to make it.
  • help

    Life is pretty bleak for me. I ask for prayers that some good positive people and situations come into it.
  • Prayer to sell condo soon

    My husband and I are trying to sell our condo we worked very hard to fix up. I know it's suppose to be a seller's market, but it has slowed down a lot. We have lowered the price and still no buyers. I have faith God's hand is in this and it will sell soon, but my husband is having doubts and has been losing sleep as he's not a strong believer. I have asked him to pray and he said he would, but I wonder about his faith. If we sell the condo soon this would make him a stronger believer. So please help me pray for our condo to get sold and not have to take it off the market. If we take it off the market, this would cost more money and grief, which is why my husband is losing sleep. Thanks for your prayers!
  • Emotional Pains

    Need help. Emotional trauma keeps popping up in my life, I am trapped by it. Please pray for release and the Lord to help me see truth from lies and right from deceit. Pray for me to hear the Lord speak to me through His word again and to believe He cares for me again. Amen
  • Praise the Lord

    Everything is going great with my new job as a donut fryer, I just need to be faster.
    I have a vacation coming up in October and I am believing for God's provision to help with the expenses.
  • physical injury

    I need to discern God's direction in my life. A recent shoulder injury may constitute serious changes in my work and in how i view myself. Do i ask for healing or acceptance?
  • I got injured at work.

    Please pray for me I tore my rotator cuff. And I have not worked since the end of May. I'm also having problems with my office they need to sign a paper and when I went in they refused to sign it. I'm not getting much pay and I'm not sure what else to do but Pray. I will be seeing the surgeon on the 26 of August. I have three children ages 7,4,1 and it is very difficult now I cant image after surgery. Prayers are more then WELCOMED
  • Family issues

    Please pray for my sister, she has had a rough past. She has a daughter that she had in prison and she has never been allowed by the father to have a relationship with her daughter. There have never been any custody papers drawn up so she picked up her daughter. The family of my nieces dad is slandering my sister all over fb, so is the ex girlfriend, the one who has been taking care of my niece. They are saying lies about my sister and myself to get us into trouble. I know the Lord has this situation, please pray for my sister that she would have the strength to get through this. Please bless mercy and grace in this situation. thank you and God bless!
  • Thank You All

    Last Monday I posted a request to pray for me and my son cause we were staying in a hotel for almost a month and that I wanted everyone to pray for us to get our own place call home. So we all pray and yesterday I signed my lease and got my new keys for a new place call me. So thank you god foremost for always being there for us even when we feel overwhelm with life cause you never let us down and thank you all for sending me your prayers. Praying goes a long way. God Bless you all!!!!