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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Son addicted to heroin

    Please pray for my son, he just went into rehab for his heroin addiction. The program is only 28 days and I am worried that he will not be strong enough to stay clean when he gets out.
  • Praise and thanks re: earlier request for daughter

    I just wanted to thank God for graciously answering a request I posted several months ago for my daughter. She has received the medication she needed to deal with her medical/mood issues, and has also found a full-time job. My heartfelt thanks to everyone here who interceded for her.
  • Son's Recovery

    Please pray for my son. He was admitted into an inpatient rehab facility for heroin. Satan and this drug have a firm hold on him. Please pray that God will break this bond and bring him back to us.
  • healing

    Please pray for my friend and co worker Tyler. He is truly a living miracle. At birth he was still born. And they thought he was dead, they did not try to bring him back to life or anything. After 14 minutes the spirit of life came into him. But it did damage, his brain does not function right. His body does not produce the things it needs. He lives with painful bone spurs. He has arthritis and he is a young man. The doctors say he might not make it past 30. He is truly a blessing. He rarely complains. He works hard for his money. But he lives in constant pain. I do not know what to say to him. He thinks God handed him a raw deal. I know that much. Please pray that God would open his heart to the gospel. And give me a door to get him in the sheep fold. And if possible, that he would be healed. Thank you
  • requesting prayer for healing

    Please pray for my co-worker Scott, His wife Wendy is fighting an infection that penetrated through her abdominal wall and is going in for surgery for the 2nd time in 2 days. she has an oozing sore on her stomach. They know it's an infecting but confused by the negative test. She just recently lost her mother, And this is taking it's toll on the family. Thank you for your supporting prayers.
  • Marriage

    Please pray for my husband and I. We been married 22 years and are marriage is in trouble. Please ask God to intervene.

    Earlier this week I posted about my tough job situation. I just wanted to update all of you. God opened a door and I will be starting a new job in approx 1-2 weeks:) GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!
  • Need Employment

    I have been without employment since January and I need a job and it really should be a daytime job. I struggle with depression and low morale when I work nights.
  • fear

    I wanted to thank everybody who has prayed about my fear.. It made a huge difference.. Things are not going so well at work.. But I am managing.. There is a guy at work who has been giving me trouble.. And I don't know exactly how to deal with him.. I am afraid anything I do will just make it worse.. Please continue to keep praying that I would overcome fear, paranoia, anxiety.. I stand on Gods promises.. Not the spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind.. The peace that passes understanding will be in our hearts.. That God would make my soul and spirit well.. Gods blessings too all.. Take care
  • Pray for wisdom in my next steps in life

    I seek wisdom as to whether I should attend a missionary school in Australia for 6 months. I would be moving around the world with no family or Friends I have elderly family members I help take care off now that I am worried I would be leaving with no one to look after them. Please help me seek wisdom on this new life adventure