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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Faith & peace for family needs

    Pls pray our sons get jobs they need & daughter & fiance make definite plans to marry...they talk about it & we offer help but fiance seems ok to just keep living together...they have 2 year old son
  • Prayers

    My husband needs prayers. He is struggling with a lot and I don't know how to help him anymore besides pray and ask for prayers.
  • Family situations

    for our grndsn J, 19, who has nowhere to go but w/us. We love him & we are sending him to college&we want him to serve the Lord & become a responsible citizen. He was living in the streets of Houston & on drugs & w/gangs & bad companions. His 16 yr old girlfrnd is trying to keep him there in Houston--but we live 400 miles away & we want him to be safe & happy. Pleez pray for all of us. J has asthma & allergies. We care so much for him & we want him to be strong. Pray for my husband 2 be able to sell some properties we can not afford to keep. My husband has a friend Gonz who is trying to take advantage of him & stealing from us. We are 70 & 80 resp. Please pray for our grandson Josh 2 B alright & happy. Please pray for me 2 B healed of cancer of intestines, I have been very sick. That J will be alright if my husband & I die.
  • Where do I start?

    With many people that has huge prayer request, I feel kinda of selfish to even share mine. I am a 21 year old male facing homosexuality urges, I'm a student that faces debt pray that God talks to me clearly in a vision and take care of my debt and provide solutions to all my family problem. I furthermore pray that answers everyone prayer that wrote a post here and everywhere else.
  • rent

    I am to the point that if something doesn't happen soon regarding cheaper rent or more income, I am going to live in my car and sometimes camp. I can't take this anymore. People in the Bible lived in a cave; maybe that is what I need to do.
  • Brother-in-law

    Please keep my brother-in-law in your thoughts and prayers. April 7 he will have surgery for an abdominal aortic aneurysm. This is a major dangerous surgery. Thank you.
  • Prayers for surgeons steady hands

    A dear friend of mine is currently waiting for her 12 year old son to come out of surgery to have his eye removed after a tragic accident last week. The news came earlier this week that his eye would need to be removed after many hopeful days that his vision might even return. Please pray for her family, son, the surgeons, and nurses over looking this brave young man as he goes through the biggest change of his life.

    Thank You!
  • Grampa Don

    Please pray that Grandpa will get checked out by Dr. asap. He just collapsed this morning and has slurred speech so seems like may have had a stroke. Please pray he is willing to get medical help as needed so when Mara comes to visit him this summer she can have some time with him. Pray for Grandma Carol that she have calm and be able to be strong for Grandpa. Pray for peace for all of us so far away and at a loss as to how we can help. This is a very special man of God.
  • Please

    Please hear my prayers! Not knowing what to do is driving me crazy.
  • Peace with decision

    Husband needs to connect with our daughter about changing plans... Pls pray she understands