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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Addicted daughter

    A few days ago I requested prayer for my daughters addiction, and her family. Thankyou for all of your prayfull support. I have recieved peace and able believe God will meet her where she’s at. Please keep praying. God is good
  • Josiegaribay323@aol.com

    I'm a Full-time Mom/ Student. I began college again and It's really stressful. Especially since I want to begin working to Help Alleviate the some FinanciAl stress I have. I need to keep on.
  • Mercy on My Sin Against Husband

    I believe I made a wrong decision in going behind my husband's back on something - in trying to help our marriage but in hindsight I don't think I went about it with proper biblical counsel and sinned against him without him knowing of it still. I am now feeling so convicted and in repentance I am asking God for his mercy and forgiveness that my husband will not find out if it be His will and turn my mess/sin into His glory. I believe I made decision out of fear and selfish desire to save us from more pain - I pray God will forgive me and deliver me and my husband from any consequences of my acts of sin through my repentance and willing to listen to Him in how to do it differently next time. I did not intend to purposely do wrong - I am hoping God can make right my wrongs and save my husband from any hurt in finding out anything he doesn't need to know.
  • Prayer to be answered soon

    Love and marriage.
  • my life

    Please pray for me & my family, we have been going through a really hard time, in a volatile marriage and both of us are to blame. We have been separated for 6 months now. I have been going to counseling and so has he. Our daughter saw us go through this her teenage years and she is now away at college. She knows we are trying to get better with our anger problems and I am praying to God to help us go through this rough time. I love my husband and we both think that with spiritual counseling, going back to church and talking to each other will help us overcome this. I don't want to be a failure and give up. I listen to this radio station day and night and when I think that my life is hopeless the right song will come on and sing to my heart. Thank you.
  • addiction

    Please pray that God would stand against the addictions in my life. I am not going to say what they are. Cause I don't want to be judged. And I want to be taken seriously. Thank you. Pray that I would say no to sin, in Jesus name. Amen
  • work

    I have an appointment with Goodwill tomorrow.. Please pray that everything goes well.. That they help me find the right job.. That I would not be nervous.. Also, I still have social anxiety disorder.. It is my main concern.. I need God to heal my soul and emotions.. I have been feeling like he is not listening to me.. and things go from bad to worse.. I sincerely hope nobody would have to face this.. I find myself feeling overwhelmed.. Like that God doesn't care.. Gods blessing on everyone here.. Take care
  • Prayer for Patrick

    Patrick is recovering from 2 back surgeries and is needing to learn to walk again. Pray for quick painless healing and for courage to work thru it all.
  • Help

    Please pray against any eating disorder in my life and body shaming against myself.

    Thank you
  • my life

    I am really going through a hard time, spiritually and emotionally. Please pray things work out for the better.. Thank you