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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Broken, hurting heart

    Please pray for my heart. It is broken and hurting from what a man at my church said to me. What he said to me wasn't very nice. He spoke without thinking. I thought he was a nice man but I guess I was wrong. Glad I found out the truth of how he really is and God was protecting me from the wrong man. It is very disappointing because I really liked him and had feelings for him. I don't know if I should ever have feelings or like another man ever ever again. I don't want to get my heart broken again. I feel like there is no man for me.
  • Healing and family issues

    I am having really bad pain in my stomach and I need a surgery that's not covered by my insurance. I am also having problems with a family member that I used to be very close to and I am confused where I stand. Thanks for the prayers!
  • PhD & Coffee Shop

    1. Join in praying for strength and wisdom to finish my PhD thesis.
    2. My wife and I have invested heavily towards a coffee shop that will be opening next month - we need His Favour and Wisdom to succeed. Please help us in prayer through these crucial times.
  • Praise

    I asked for prayer recently for my son in regard to selling his home and launching his own business. The good new is his house sold for an acceptable amount. I am still praying about the launch of his business. For myself I need guidance as to how to adjust to my recent retirement both financially and time wise.
  • Lord's guidance & perspective

    Please pray for my husband and I. The last few years we've faced trying times with other family members and his job problems and him being a leader at church has left us emotionally drained. Lord to give us His perspective
  • Job

    Am bored at work. I feel like am under utilized at work. I am always thinking about my dream job and if I will ever be happy at work. I need prayers on what to do , where to go, where to start.
  • Nabeel Qureshi

    Please say a prayer for Nabeel. He is a Christian, former Muslim, who has a wonderful ministry and has lead many Muslims to the lord. Unfortunately, he is fighting cancer, having many complications and had to have his stomach removed. We need him here to fight for the Lord.
  • Boyfriend

    Please pray that God blesses me with a boyfriend. Never had a boyfriend before and would really love one. Pray that the right man asks me out on a date. I would love to go on a date. Never been kissed either and would really love my first kiss. I am 27 and it is so hard waiting patiently on God's perfect timing for the man that He has for me.
  • Prayer

    God the Father. Take away all my enemies that stand to destroy me and Your wonderful works! Day and night they torment my life! Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Prayer to overcome all obstacles.

    That everything that offends You, to take it out of me enternity. To wash away all fear and worry that hold me back from becoming the person I am supposed to be.In the precious name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.