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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • prayers need for my marriage

    My husband and I have been struggling in our relationship, fighting and arguing. I'm asking God to help bring peace and love into our hearts for each other. He has been talking about divorce. It is the last thing I want. I know we love each other, but the stresses of life seem to be weighing us down. Please pray for our relationship, to be restored in Jesus's name.
  • Being a single mother

    While I love being a Mother to my beautiful daughter it can be very over whelming. I am very streasted out. I would like prayer that I have the steength, energy, and ability to be the best mother I can be. As I write this I have tears thinking that I am failing her. She is my whole world, and I want to do any and everything I can for her. <3 Thank you.
  • relationship cross road

    please pray for wisdom in a relationship I have with a man who I have been involved with for the past four years. I love him very much and he loves me, but I want more out of the relationship than he does. I want to move our relationship forward and he is happy at where it is at. Pray God speaks to me about what to do because I feel lost and I am confused and frustrated. thank you for praying.
  • Suicide and abuse

    I have been abused by my family members since I was 4 years old. I am suffering from PTSD, Panic attacks, anxiety, self harm, and suicidal thoughts. I am asking for prayer requests because I am thinking that life is not worth living and am thinking about suicide.
  • For a baby undergoing open heart surgery tomorrow

    Please pray for Eily. She is a baby who is undergoing open heart surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) if she is healthy enough. Thank you all for your prayers. God Bless!!
  • (no subject)

    This morning my boyfriend texted me and was talking about suicide and I just feel really helpless not being able to do more than just talk to him and let him know that everything will be okay in the end.
  • Marriage update

    I sent a request a couple weeks ago about prayers for my marriage to be saved. My wife Angel filed the dissolution of marriage paperwork yesterday. I feel I am growing with God and I still have hope that things can be saved but I find myself struggling more than usual. I am moving into an apartment on Friday as well. I don't want to lose my marriage. I love my wife and stepkids with all my heart and hope that my marriage can be saved. Please pray for myself and my wife Angel and our marriage. I could use a miracle. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and for taking the time to read this.
  • Three Year Old Sick

    God bless all of you! I need prayer for my daughter who is three. She has been sick since yesterday at nine thirty pm. She has been vomiting and was on an IV at the ER until early yesterday morning. She has been keeping fluids down but just now she vomited up water. She is sleeping now. They had no idea what is wrong with her at the ER and I really only have The Lord to turn to. We love The Lord so much and have been praying. Could you all pray for her healing? We believe in this healing in Jesus' Name, Amen! Thank you all!
  • Daughter feet healed &'wisdom

    Our daughter has had painful feet for 13 years, even with surgery when she was younger. She was getting prepped for another one when doc discovered she was pregnant. Her feet still hurt & she is far from Lord now...needs prayers
  • Husband know Lord leading

    Wisdom for husband needed & me to trust Lord will guide him & help our sons