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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Guidance

    Just married. I have many responsibilities and need God's guidance and strength. please keep me/us in prayer.
  • Cousin's children

    My cousin in Kentucky has two small children, Aiden aged 4 and Addy who is 2. They have both been admitted to a children's hospital there with E. coli. Aiden is further along right now and is scheduled for a blood transfusion in the morning. Addy they thought had been improving but through the day has started declining. They are in desperate need of a miracle right now. I believe what the bible says that if two or more agree together in His name, it will be done. Please PLEASE pray for these little ones.
  • Family being hit by Satan

    Please pray for my family. My son is in the grips of heroine, we are fighting to get him back. My niece was brutally raped and required surgery. She is facing a long road to recovery. They have 2 small boys who have also been devastated by not understanding what is wrong with mommy.
  • Strength

    Please pray for my son. His girlfriend of two years broke up with him and he is really having a hard time dealing with it. I know and believe in the power of prayer. Thank you and blessings to all.
  • Prayer for myself

    I would like to request for prayers with regards to my education. I got accepted to university but the problem is that I have been on the waiting list. So unless someone decides to drop out of university or the university decides to give more offers. I will still be on the waiting list and university is soon approaching and I'm now getting anxious. Please pray that God provides a way for me to continue my studies and that I shouldn't be on the waiting list for long. Thank you
  • finances

    I have met the love of my life, and I want her to be my wife. But we are struggling to come up with the money we need to make it work. Please pray that God would bless our life and finances. Thank you
  • Please Pray For Me

    Please Pray for me...Please pray for me.. My Very small business In Delaware and my life is failing .. Failure everywhere I look In my life..tomorrow looks like it will be the day that's very very bad for me.. Please god help me.. I'm so ashamed that Ive failed.. I'm so genuinely sorry..

    Please PRAY for MY HUSBAND who is going into HOSPICE CARE ASAP, but lately he DOESN'T WANT to do it..
    We , HIS FAMILY think He's SCARED and NERVOUS, Please PRAY for, HIM,and OUR WHOLE FAMILY... thanks
  • Divorce

    My husband decided last week, after 5 years of marriage and being together for 10 years, that he wants a divorce and that he never really wanted to marry me in the first place. Please pray for me to get through this trying time in my life. We have no children together, so that makes things less complicated.
  • Community Leadership

    Dear friends,

    I am a member of a Rotaract club in my community. My mother is about to be crowned as the next president of a Rotary Club in my community. However the current president of that club has passed on. The family is broken, the clubs and the friends are sorrowful. My mum is troubled. She needs strength and guidance. I need a vision to be a good leader in the club and also be a positive influence in her life. May God help me to be a good leader in the club in my community, in the club and to depend on Him for my Support. May i learn to love, to lead and to obey and may i help make these broken people empowered in Him. Thank you and God bless.