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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Ability to carry a child

    I have been happily married for 10 years and have a beautiful 10 year old daughter. Life as a parent started out at the age of 18 for me.. Scared and knowing we had to provide for our new family we both found jobs and have been working every day since... Theres only one thing that would make our family stronger and that would be the ability to get pregnant and have another child. I suffer from diabetes and was in denial for some time... i joined a gym last july and have been going very faithfuly to beat my diabetes...i am happy to report that i do not need medication for it any more and it is completely controlled with diet and excercise... i just ask for prayers that jesus will decide that we are ready to expand our family.....
  • Families strugglig with challenges of parenting teens

    Please pray for family that their teenage daughter will feel God's touch, and turn away from the ways that have lead her down a very dangerous path. Please pray for strength for her father, mother, and sister to get through the stress that this is placing on their family.

    Please pray that the professional people called into support this family will have the wisdom, caring, and grace to find the right types of help needed.

  • GOD's perfect timing

    Thank you all for your prayers for a financial breakthrough. GOD has met my need at the last moment. I am not out of the woods yet so please keep me in prayer. Blessings
  • A home

    I have a need for a place to call home. I have been told that sometimes there are places that will help low-income people find homes to own with a low-loan or rent-to-own but the few places I found I don't think I am a fit or they never reply back. I am not sure if that is the route I should go but the place I am living at right now is too expensive and the neighbors smoke on the deck 20-50 times a day and I can't open up my backdoor without getting sick even with fans etc. Not sure where to turn. I keep asking God for either more income or cheaper, safe place to live. I am willing to do whatever he wants but I don't hear from him on this issue.
  • God's perfect timing

    Please lift me up in prayer! I have a job interview at 4:00 today! Pray for the Lord's favor upon me.
  • Please let him find the help he needs

    I recently tried to help a casual acquaintance with the best of intentions, but through a series of missed phone calls and miscommunications I was not available or in the right place at the right time for him. Now a young man is angry and hurting, and seeking help elsewhere. I realize that if I keep pushing him it will be because I want the credit for helping him. I need to let go and put it in God's hands, and pray that he finds the help he needs even if it is from someone else. Thank you.
  • 6 y/o Grandaughter

    Please pray for healing as she has pneumonia.
    thank you
  • valentine's day

    please pray the man I have been dating takes me out for Valentine's day and does something special for me. Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays and I don't want to be alone and my children are going to be at their father's house for the weekend. Please pray this man wants to spend it with me. I am falling in love with him and desire to spend the special holiday with him.
  • job seeking

    last week I asked for prayer for a job I had applied. Well the very next day I was called for an interview. please pray I get a second interview. I am very excited to work at this business as I have much experience and would love to work there. This job would be great for me as it is family friendly hours and pays pretty well. Thank you for praying!
  • Prayer for strength

    I would like to ask God for the strength to accomplish what He wants me to do. I have volunteered to be a prayer intercessor, and I need God to give me the words to pray so I can pray without being hindered. I am being attacked with thoughts contrary to God's Word, so I also need help for my thought life. Without God, I can do nothing. Thank you for holding me up before the throne with your prayers!