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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing for my family

    Please pray for Healing and restoration of relationships.
    Thank you
  • Depression, anxiety and panic attack

    I have been battling anxiety, and panic attacks for long as I remember, I was fine for years but then it came back 2 or 3 months ago and Im so scared and I have fears that im going to be like this. I really need my God to help me go through and heal me and wash away all of my fears, please pray for me, please.
  • Burned

    Need prayer for healing on my 2nd degree burned chest. I burned it with boiling coffee, the glass cup split in half. Also getting good help moving.
    Strength for my husband and I that we would not over do it.

  • Depression/Addiction

    I am struggling with Alcohol issues and depression since my mother passed in April. She had been ill but she was my best friend. We lived in the same apartment complex so she was a big part of my everyday life. I have always had issues with food addiction/alcohol addictive tendencies. Am really struggling to seek help/counseling. It is really affecting my day to day mood. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. God Bless
  • Let us pray

    Heavenly Father, I pray for Robert.. I pray that you would touch his life.. Give him and abundance of the Holy Spirit.. And the Word of the Spirit.. That he will be healed spiritually and financially.. That he would find the abundance of your goodness in this life.. I pray that you would utterly lay your hands on his life and bless him in every way.. As well as his family.. And we know in Jesus, that if two will agree, it makes it true.. And that you will answer our prayers according to your good will.. Amen
  • pray with me

    Lord, I pray for Diane where she is at.. I pray that you will touch her heart and soul, and heal her from the afflictions of this life.. I pray that you would help her understand that you love her and have not forgotten about her.. As we her brothers and sisters are praying for her.. Please bless Dianes family with a financial blessing.. For you God are good.. Help Diane understand that you have not forgotten about her, please.. And I pray that she weathers this storm with a new found hope in you Lord.. Send your angels to protect her and her family.. Bless her and her family in every way.. Heal their hearts, souls, and minds.. Heal their financial affliction.. In Jesus might name I pray.. Amen
  • finances

    Will you pray that I will get a job.
    Thank you
  • Financial

    I am asking for your prayers for financial recovery for my life, to pay off all of my bills, to fix my vehicles and my home.. Thank you very much for your prayers.!!
  • My walk with the Lord

    I'm struggling in my mind. And my walk with the Lord.
    Thank you
  • Lord to guide hubby

    Pls pray Jesus guided the timing/location/type of job my husband looks for next year. He's already thinking about it...wants to change companies