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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Job/moving process

    Our home inspection went very well and we are moving forward with the sale of our home! Thank you for everyone's prayers. Today I will be giving notice of my job resignation. I spoke with my immediate supervisor yesterday about this and got an uneasy feeling from her. She was a little cold, I pray these last few weeks will go fast without any complications. I have to keep remembering God is in control, and HE will direct our path. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Can't sleep

    If anyone is up and reading this, it is 5:00 AM in the morning and I haven't slept all night, please pray for me to get 2 hours of sleep before I have to get up for college. I pray that God shows me if there is anything displeasing in my life, because it says in the bible that "He gives his beloved sleep", I hope I am his beloved. My conscience isn't condemning me really about anything, I just wonder if this is insomnia for some stomach problems and drinking caffeine too late and eating too late at night. Please pray I get God's guidance about this.
  • Need Prayer for dad and brother

    Please pray for my dad Lynn, he said that he really wants to stop drinking and go to church, he has tried to quit several times before, but it has never lasted. He said that he feels lonely and needs more friendship/fellowship in his life and I told him that God created us for fellowship and community, he has socialized anxiety and also some times he thinks he can do life on his own, we have talks off and on the past several years and "why we need God" I pray that he really wants to come closer to God and that he sticks with going to church. Please pray that he grows in his faith and doesn't backslide. Please pray for my brother Jarod to get out of jail tomorrow and that if it is God's will that he isn't transferred to another jail where he may have to serve time. He is trying to come to Christ as well, pray that he grows in the Lord.
  • wishful thinking

    God, please stop the person who lied, cheated, and stole from me, from doing any more harm to my life. This person claims to be a Christian. Please show them the error of their ways. In Jesus name
  • Cancer

    I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I think I have cancer.
  • hand surgery

    I have to have a hand surgery and let my employer know that I could be back to work one week later, but would be in a cast for 6 weeks. I am hoping (praying) that my employer will allow this, especially since I don't have enough paid time off saved up to cover 6 weeks. It is possible to work w/ a cast on my left hand, but they can choose to not alllow, if they want. Please pray - also that the surgery would go well. Thank you - I really appreciate.
  • for God's will to be won in court case.

    We are going to court Monday regarding the supervised visits my granddaughter gets with her father. We hope the supervision stays in effect and that the presence of Jesus will be in the courtroom and the Judge will feel his presence also and listen. Prayers the the best for her life will be chosen at the time. Also prayers for peace for me and my daughter through all of this.
  • Marriage

    Please pray that my husband lets me help him work through his addictions and that anything I do to help us doesn't back fire because he doesn't understand it as help thank u
  • Troubled kid

    We saw a boy, (maybe 10 yrs old), who was very troubled, taken down by the police today in our neighborhood. He said he ran away from home and the police took him to the police station. He was yelling and saying bad things about his family. We want to pray for him that things will work out, and that he will be OK with his family.
  • Difficult and toxic work relationship

    Please pray for a difficult situation at work. The person I work with is verbally abusive. I cant just leave as a single parent. Please ask God for the courage to break the cycle. Prayers for job search in the meantime.