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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Husband drinking again

    My husband has went back to drinking everyday again . He has been like for years . He lies about it and it makes me so mad I don't think I can emotionally handle it anymore . We now have a little boy , so am not sure what to do . He doesn't harm anyone he just gets drunk and passes out downstairs . He is actually a great day other then that , but I don't feel like I can't handle it . I threw a pillow at him last night and cries myslef to sleep . I desperately need god to change this heart or I think I must leave for my sanity . I do not drink and I don't feel like my son should grow up knowing this father passes out drunk alsmot every night . The worst part is I caught him looking at adult website sites which also breaks me down . I have stuck by him for years and tired to help and guide me but he keeps going back to his old ways. What do I do god?
  • responsibilities

    I have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill at this time (school, work, etc.). I feel a bit overwhelmed. Please keep me in prayer.
  • Healing

    I am really needing God's healing touch. Please pray that God will heal my body. Thank you.
  • Financial problems

    My husband and I are having financial problems we have debt that we just can't seem to pay off, we would love to purchase a home but need to lower this debt, please pray for for us in this hard time. Lord we thank you for your wisdom and help guide us thru.
  • Depression

    I am a 63 year old widow n feel so alone. Friends seem scarce n now we have a slumlord who bought the trailer park I live in I was so thankful to buy this trailer n have reasonable space rent that I could afford. This corporation (the CEO,S last name is crook) raises
    N raises the rent n lets the park fall apart.I have prayed n prayed n the lord would remove him n am getting discouraged with no answer. Non of the people who live here can afford to live anywhere else. I would love to move to a nicer park but can't afford a nicer trailer. Please pray for all of the people who live here n in the other parks they have bought n are doing the same thing to them . Some have had to fill in the park pool because he would not keep it up but more than doubled their rent They are hurting a lot of people on fixed incomes n getting rich off the poor
  • Healing

    The doctors found a legion on my liver. Tuesday I will have an MRI. Please pray they find nothing abnormal, and also that my gallbladder surgery the following week goes well. Thank you, and God Bless.
  • Breaking Chains

    Heavenly Father, I know you are a "Chain Breaker." I ask in the mighty, holy name of your Son, Jesus Christ, that You would break the chains of addidiction in my son. I ask for Your healing touch. Please heal my son of this disease. Please flood his life with Your light, so that there is no darkness. He knows you, Lord. Please call Your sheep. Provide him with protection from this world, spiritual forces and the evil one. Grant him trust in You; strength to overcome, and comfort, peace and reassurance you will go before him and never leave or foresake him. Lord, I know you have a plan for his life. Please bring your plan to fruition. Give him Your direction. Work in his life, so that others see Your work in him, so that he may see Your work in his life, in order that you may be glorified. In the powerful name of Christ I pray. Amen
  • Spiritual warfare

    I've been being oppressed for a while and I'm a Christian been for a couple years. It's been hell pretty much since I've began my relationship with Christ there has been a bunch of hospitalization because the severe attacks. I've studying scripture and with a conclusion to wait and be strong. But I want these demon and devil to go because I can't see properly or even go bathroom. They are playing with my mind as well
  • financial

    I am currently searching for a job. My husband is already working. We are having a hard time with our finances. We have lots of debt we can't seem to get paid. And it is stressful, and to some extent keeping us apart. Please pray that God would open doors, that we could get out of debt. Thank you
  • Deeply troubled

    Please pray for God to uncover the truth. My fiancé has told me that a girl was persuading him to sleep with her but he said he left her apartment before anything happened. Please i can't tell if he is telling me the truth or not and it scares me.