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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Wayard adult son

    I would like prayer for my mind and heart, I have anger/patience issues and have doubt/faith issues sometimes that God is not going to come through in my life even though he has come through for me many times and has proven himself trustworthy. I feel like I deal with spiritual warfare in my mind some times and even feel it from other people some times. I just can't stand all the waiting and I am such a worrier and struggling with faith/positive thinking. I pray that God helps me with my heart and strengthens me in my inner man/being and grows me in more faith and helps me to work hard for my goals and put's a hedge of protection around me for those that would cause me harm. I pray I can grow in humility and grow less in pride, I pray for everyone here to have Peace and Shalom (Relaxing/lasting Peace, contentment, wholeness and happiness, it is such a beautiful hebrew word!!)
  • Health

    I am going in for a breast biopsy and would love to have you pray for a benign result. My husband has a heart condition and may need to have open heart surgery this year. My Mom is battling breast cancer that has moved into her brain and now she has pneumonia and can't walk and has trouble swallowing. I have 2 kids that need me and I have a full time job. I am very thankful for the many blessingsfrom the Lord, but I am so worried about getting cancer and not being able to support all the people that need me. Thank you for your prayers!u
  • My job

    I'm going to have a hard week at my job and I have a hard time getting along with my boss.
    Thank you
  • Scared and Confused ,,Don't Know What To Do ?

    September 28th I turned 60 this year. I am loosing my eye sight ,, I am loosing my hearing and my back is all messed up. I am afraid to try to find a job ,, because I don't want to loose the job and be embarrassed in front of all my coworkers and my children. I have tried to be there for my kids and now I feel like a looser. Growing up I was always told I would never be good enough. I am setting here in tears ,, I don't want to let my children and grand children down. All I can do in my own head is ask for prayer and ask for God's Help.

    Help Me Lord ,, Help Me
    Guy Wilks ( Dad and Grand Dad )
  • My daughter

    Please pray for my daughter. She's depressed and has no christian friends.
    Thank you
  • Needing prayer desperately!

    Hi my brothers and sisters at Positive Life!Please say a prayer for me homeless in NYC at 70 years of age saved but looking at a very dangerous weekend as I ride the subway at night to stay alive.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 10/28/16
  • My Sister In Law Martha

    Martha had colon cancer in 2014 and she had chemo which left her immune system weak. She has a bad cold with a cough. We are praying she don't get pnumonia. Ron
  • the world

    Hello. I am sure I wont be the only one with this thought ; but I really have a lot of anxiety about things that are going on in the world. Things that I have not seen in the past. How every day, everything seems so negative in the world. Wars and people suffering. I try to have faith that God will save the world. But I have a feeling that things will get worse before they get better. I guess it would make me feel better to know that we are all praying for world peace.. Amen
  • prosperity

    Hello.. Could you please pray that I would prosper in life.. For my mental and financial prosperity.. I want to be able to share my faith without fear and shame.. That God would heal my emotions and mind.. Make it right, according to as he would want me to be.. That I would break the chains of debt that I owe.. Thank you
  • Wayard adult son

    Please pray for my 25 year old son. He was raised in a faithful Christian home and saved at 8. Went off to college and told us three years later he was gay and was fully (already) active in that lifestyle.. including progressing the LGBT propaganda. Moved himself right into the fire of it in Seattle and has barely communicated with us over the last 3+ years. Unless he is in trouble and needs help. We are broken hearted as parents but have watched up close and painfully also, how this has effected our younger three kids since Jake was our oldest. We have refused to bend Gods word to make him feel better and will continue to stand firm. Please pray for Gods intervention in our sons life.. it is a terrible thing for parents to have to pray for their child to eat with the pigs in order for them to desire Gods return to their lives. Praying desperately for my beloved sons soul.