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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Confidence

    Sometimes i am not confident enough. I have big dreams but i fear they may not come true. I am dating someone i love but sometimes i ask myself whether we are God's choice for each other. I want to be a man of one woman but i am having a weakness for women and i am attracted to many though by God's grace am faithful to one. I need your prayers and your advice about how to become a man after God's heart. Thank you. (I believe God will fulfill His mission for my life)
  • Peace and Hope

    I have really been struggling lately.. With family circumstances, I am having to make choices that are very tough to make and I am scared. My depression and anxiety has gotten worse lately. Please pray for me to be able to see the light and the path that God wants me to take, and that He'll let me be at rest and give me peace for my mind and help to take some of the pain from my heart.. Thank you
  • For my son Ben

    My son lost his father when he was 11 and it left him deeply wounded. Now 30 years old he just had a son of his own by his x girlfriend and he seems unable to handle it. More than anything he needs to turn his life over to the Lord!
  • work

    I have an interview for a job.. Please pray that go it goes well.. That I would know what to say and not be nervous.. Really need the job.. Thank you
  • Food

    We are really low on food and have bills due. If you could pray for us! Thanks.
  • Strained relationship with my adult children

    I am a 46 year old single parent. I was once married and we had three beautiful children. We are divorced now and believe that we would still be together had we made better choices years ago. I have always been close to my children, however, lately, Marc is very angry with me over the past. We have been so close, so this is breaking my heart beyond words. I am confused. My children always spend time with their father, and for that I am grateful. I just want the same thing. I have given this to God. My faith is strong. My heart is just broken. I have been close to all of my children but suddenly Marc, the one that i have specifically been closest too hardly speaks to me. I pray that God touches his heart and mine. I need the strength to get thru it and know that prayer is the only thing that will work at this point. Thank you and may God bless.
  • My daughter

    My daughter has pneumonia. Her chest hurts her. Also pray for her finances.
    Thank you!
  • God's timing

    I need prayers to trust God and let go and let Him repair my life and guide me. I know God does things in his own time and I am patient. I need to heal, guidance, reconcile relationship and make amends, strength to fight addictions, employment search, calm mind and trust. I feel lonely and I crave affection for a while now, but I do not want to rush into anything unhealthy. Thank you, Amen
  • Just pray I mature and see what God is trying to do in my life

    I pray that I mature in my emotions, as I get angry over stupid things, I think negatively a lot of the time, and sometimes I feel like God is mad at me, I would like to understand God better and feel joy on the inside and feel secure in my relationship and that my faith would just know everything is going to be alright. I would also like prayer about my test on tuesday for a college science class I need to take, I want to do something in the medical field but not sure exactly what I should do and what my potential is, I know if nothing works out I could probably be a nurse or dietition but hoping that I can do something that I have more passion for although I am not sure if I have the grades for, I pray God guides me. Thank You for any prayers.
  • Marriage

    We are on hanging on by a thread, my husband wants me to leave the house. I can't leave him and my children. I know God can heal us. Please pray for this Miricle in our life! Please!