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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Housing

    My friend Jennifer in Ireland is trying to build a house on her widowed fathers land. She wants to care for him in his elder years and begin her family soon. She has two weeks left before she gets the final yes or no to build. Please pray that all obstacles are removed from their path and are given the right to build. Please pray the neighbors will do what is necessary to let her build. They are the only ones to object to the building. Thank you for your prayers!!
  • Healing

    Hello , I am asking for prayer for two areas in my life. First, I have not been feeling well this past week physically. I am sure if the medication I am on is causing my ill feeling or not.I have discomfort in my neck and back are causing me to wake multiple times a night. I am seeing a chiropractor but I am not seeing great results yet. I also am asking for prayer for this coming weekend I will be going out of town and will be stuck in a vehicle and I am really nervous about the pain I may be in. Please pray for a healing touch in my body and that this weekend will go smoothly without me hurting. Thank you
  • Pray for our radio station!

    I would like to ask prayer for this radio ministry's! This music can change lives ! It's a way to get thru to people who otherwise might not listen to the gospel of Lord Jesus. I hear them announcing how they need support, or they might not be able to continue. I can't imagine how dark and hopeless the days would be without PLR. Maybe you don't have any dollars to spare, but prayer can help too. Please pray that this radio station can stay on air! Thank you & God Bless
  • Healing of Cancer

    Dear friends in Christ, I ask for prayers for my best friend Teresa who recently was diagnosed with cancer. Presently they can't operate because of another condition that is unstable. My friend has been an obedient follower of Jesus her entire life, as a nurse, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, & servant of God. She is young and strong and is not bitter about this diagnosis, says always "I'm confident in the Lord". So again I ask for prayer that Jesus will place His healing hands upon her and will hear the doctors say "The tumor, the cancer-- GONE." In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
  • JOB

    Please pray that I can keep my job. Please also pray that whatever happens I will trust in Jesus. Thank you.
  • Medical healing

    I am asking for prayers for medical healing. I need God's help to make it through this week and get everything done. I am really stumbling because the health issues are holding me back and blocking my success. Thank you!
  • Spiritual warfare

    I have been oppressed for a while now and I need our Lord Jesus Christ to help and deliver me also that my house would be helped and cleansed from evil
  • Family seperated

    Please pray for our family. Very hard to be seperated from your children and grandchildren! This separation has lasted so long...time when children are growing without their parents in this broken world. Washington laws are broken also! Nothing left but prayer. Thank you
  • JOB

    Please pray that I can keep my job. I also ask for peace and joy. Pray that whatever happens that I will trust in Jesus. Thank you.
  • Need prayer for my faith/attitude

    I know God is working in my life and I have a lot of blessings, I have had a couple things not go my way and maybe I have been acting a little childish on the inside, I need prayer for maturity and I also would like to pray for a guy who I think his name is Mark, I actually bumped into his car today and talked to him as he lives in same apartment place and although it was my fault, his car was parked in a spot where it shouldn't have been parked. I am a pretty big guy and told him that I would cover it, but I was also upset that his car was in a really awkward spot where it shouldn't have been, I kind of a big guy and I think I intimidated him, I need prayer for the situation and told him I would pay but he said not to worry about since no big things happened like broken lights maybe a small indention. I am not sure what to do.