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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • daughter

    our daughter is currently in jail awaiting trial. While in jail she has said that she needs and wants help for drug addiction. We have gotten the ball rolling for teen Challenge recovery program. The prayer is that we can get enough sponsors to send her to the program once she is out of jail and that she succeed in the program.
  • Friend needs prayer

    Our family friend was found unresponsive and is now on a ventilator and sedated. We do not know what is wrong or what happened. Please pray for her and her family.
  • requests

    Family member will be having surgery soon and needs prayer for that. She also has an important appointment the first week of September and needs God's guidance and favor. I need prayer for financial stresses. Somehow can God part the Red Sea for me and help me through this time? I know he can!
  • Prayer for discernment and what God is telling me.

    There is something that I have been worried about and I feel that it is a battleground for satan to work on me, it involves my finances and if I can be getting certain money. I often feel guilty or more fearful about about it, but have been re-assured by counselors that I am doing nothing wrong but I don't know if this is irrational fear or not. I pray for God's assurance of what to do, and that God helps me with wisdom to understand. I pray that I am discerning this correctly and hearing God's voice.
  • Stressed out

    My health issues are getting worse fast. Can't sleep very well. Going on trip I have no desire to go on. Even though I'm an adult I just want to scream, break some things, and jump up and down. Even though I can't do that. Just feeling frustrated.
  • Health

    Please pray for my daughter Jessica. I worry about her health. She has a,high pressure job,is a single mom and is very driven . She ignores the symptoms of decline her body is showing.
  • Please Pray

    A dear friend is struggling today with worry for a serious health situation with her Mother. She told me she is trying to be faithful with God's plan but is scared to death. Pray for her to have hope and trust in the Lord.
  • Prayer for job provision

    May God bless me with another job. I pray that He will provide Financial brekthrough and good health. May His plans prevails in my life.
  • Event

    Please pray... I had an idea one day about holding public prayer in my town in conjunction with Franklin's Graham's prayer tour for America and our next president, where he prays at each state's Capitol w/ the public. I'd like to invite anyone in my town who is unable to attend the actual event to stop by my town's first territorial Capitol (a tiny, very old, historic building) to do the same. I got permission from those responsible for the historic building itself, but they directed me to check in w/ our city b/c it borders on a city park. Time is now very short (event would be 8/10/16, same as Franklin's). My fault for procrastinating, but please pray for God's favor in evey aspect, if it is to be. THANKS!
  • Prayers for my mind, thoughts, anxiety & fear

    I've been struggling with anxiety and i feel as of lately that i want to get closer to God, my thoughts are raging and my anxiety is more and more. I pray God will give me peace of mind. I don't want to have these negative thoughts of evil, but thoughts of peace and love. Lord, help me.
    God fill me with your perfect love so all fear in my life will be driven out.