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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • demons, generational curses, finances

    I would like to ask you to pray that God would bless me with a spirit of a sound mind.. That God would heal my soul.. That God would stop the demons from attacking me.. "nightmares".. That I would be with the one I love, come up with the money for us to be together.. I am searching for a new job, that God would open doors for me to find the right one.. That I would turn from sin.. I hope that God would bless all his children here.. Amen.. May Gods blessings be poured out on each of us.. thank you.. take care
  • co worker

    Please pray for my friend and coworker Tyler. He is having all kinds of medical problems. He really needs a miracle. He is very gifted. He wants to get a job at Switzer. Don't know if I spelled that right ? At the job we work, there is no medical insurance. He is not able to get the meds he needs for his condition. He really needs help, and I am doing what I can. Asking you to please pray for him. That he gets the job, and gets well. Doctors don't know if he will live past 30 if they can't get his illness under control. Thank you
  • Challenging times

    It's been a rough year, and I pray our troubles are behind us. I lost my job 14 months ago and have struggled to make ends meet. Through the grace of God, family, friends, and community, we have gotten by.
    I am close to returning to work. Pray that I get this job, pray for my patient wife and for the rest of my family.
    God's blessings to each of you!
  • Being a Vegetarian

    Please pray that the man that God has for me to be my husband someday will love and accept me as a vegetarian even if he eats meat. It is impossible to find a man who is a vegetarian like me. Men who eat meat don't want a girl like me because I am a vegetarian. I am scared that no man will ever want me. I doubt there is a man out there who eats meat that will ever want me. That is why I need to find a man who is a vegetarian. I don't know how a meat eater and vegetarian can ever be together. It won't ever work out. No man wants me. I guess I am not good enough.
  • Scared of Being a teacher

    Please pray for me. I am scared I am going to fail as an elementary teacher. I hate my personality too quiet and too shy, but I love kids. I am starting my teaching credential program and it is 3 semesters. I am scared of failing as a student teacher. I still need financial aid to pay for my classes and I need a placement with a teacher. Please pray God leads me to the right teacher and right school to do my student teaching. I love Kindergartners and feel like that is the best grade for me to teach. I feel like God made a mistake in my calling to be a teacher. I feel like my life is falling apart and there is nothing to look forward to in my future, the best is not yet to come. I am scared of when I get a full time job as a teacher of how I am going to support myself since teachers don't make that much money and I am single with no husband to support me.
  • Sick Father

    Hello Family,
    In need of prayer please...
    My dad had a very Severe stroke, the whole right side if his brain is dead, he has been in hospital for more than a month, God has been amazing helping us, it really is a miracle that he is able to walk and talk again (the Doctors say according to the brain scans it should even be possible) he is getting discharged on Friday, but my sister and I need to take care of him, financially, we really don't have the money, my husband and I live far away so I also need to get my drivers license, work and a house near him (its a 16hour move to him).

    Please can I ask you to pray for all of us, for strenght, a job, finances to work out, it is such a trying time and I am just starting to feel very overwhelmed and stressed.

    Thank you
    Blessings xx
  • Ugly and Invisible

    I feel ugly and invisible. I don't feel beautiful. I think I look ugly with my glasses on. No man ever notices me. I feel like no man wants me. I feel like I must not be good enough to ever be a girlfriend or a wife someday. I don't know if I look like a beautiful princess. No man has ever told me I am beautiful or the words I love you before. I would love for a man to say I love you to me and I am beautiful.
  • Family stressed

    Husband has been facing bad work stress, alomg with church (elder) stress and our daughter's rebellion for several years,now we babysit her autistic son alot. Lur marriage is under alot of strain. My mother & sister have huge needs and live in another state. Husband is stressed
  • Broken, hurting heart

    Please pray for my heart. It is broken and hurting from what a man at my church said to me. What he said to me wasn't very nice. He spoke without thinking. I thought he was a nice man but I guess I was wrong. Glad I found out the truth of how he really is and God was protecting me from the wrong man. It is very disappointing because I really liked him and had feelings for him. I don't know if I should ever have feelings or like another man ever ever again. I don't want to get my heart broken again. I feel like there is no man for me.
  • Healing and family issues

    I am having really bad pain in my stomach and I need a surgery that's not covered by my insurance. I am also having problems with a family member that I used to be very close to and I am confused where I stand. Thanks for the prayers!