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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayers

    My daughter Kierstyn has been having health issues, she has elevated Liver enzymes and goes to the DR today for PCOS (weighs over 300 pounds now) hoping she will get the treatment for the PCOS that is needed and then they can figure out why her liver enzymes are high. Continued prayers for both of my Children Kierstyn and CJ that someone will come into their lives to help the mustard seed grow that I planted, I pray that they will be the light that is needed to help it grow, so that they will come to follow the light and to know and love Jesus. They will not listen to me anymore, they are in a spiritual war, just as the world is. Satan will not win this war, he has already lost.
  • My cousin

    My Cousin Terry was in a Motor cycle accident 09/12 and is in a COMA at Sacred Heart Hospital. He needs prayer, I am pretty sure he is not saved. Also, for a dear friend who had a surgery (has Cerebral palsy) several months ago and is aspirating his food and on a feeding tube, please pray that he will be able to eat real food soon. His name is Richard.
  • My friend needs healing & Drs. need insight.

    Please pray for Cynthia and for Drs. trying to save her life. Please pray for answers as to how to help her and pray for the Drs' healing hands. She is my boyfriend's sister and my long time friend. Please help.
  • please pray for my god-father update

    thank you for your prayers, Riley is now in France and even though he is still sick, he no longer has malaria. when there is more news there will be another update. thank you again:)!!!!
  • New Pastors

    My church's pastor and his family are moving to Pennsylvania at the end of the month. Oddly enough, one of my best friends is also a pastor's kid, and they are moving to Pennsylvania at the end of the month. This is definitely going to make some changes in our community. Please pray for some good new pastors, and for the old ones to get across the country safely with their families. THANK YOU!
  • Financial

    Jesus came that Robert may have and enjoy His life, and have His life in abundance, to the full, till it is overlowing in His life to others..
  • God's guidance

    Dear Friends in the Lord, I come here at a very difficult and confusing time in my life. I'am a single mother to an amazing 5 yr old daughter. I want nothing more than the Lord's will for my life, but it seems his will is not being made known to me yet and I feel unsettled. Please pray for me! I was laid off of work the end of August, so I decided to pursue schooling in the medical field, which has always been my dream; to serve others. I applied for Financial Aid, but it will not be enough to cover my tuition not to mention any living expenses. I truly don't know what to do from here, but ask that you pray that I will have clarity as I move forward. Thank you so much! May God bless you and keep you.
  • My uncle and aunt

    Please pray for my Uncle Eric, he has had cancer for several years now. On top of that he's going through a divorce. My Aunt Katie was with another man before she was married to Eric, and because her son Derrick isn't his son, even though Eric raised him, now Katie won't let him see Derrick. They can't contact each other now, but they both want to. If prayer moves the hand of God, let it be moved!
  • end of times

    first, u guys are the best, i love your station and have for a long time!!! My prayer is that you ask the public to google- obama and the false prophet (pope francis) 9/23/15; ushering in the NWO (new world order) and one world religion. Also please inform them of the 'blood moon tetrad' the fourth blood moon is on 9/28/15; very prophetic.... has been weighing on me to let as many ppl, lost And born again have no idea how soon the Lord's return is, and end of the age. Please help get the Word out?! One more thing...i have tendonitis in left foot, painful, no car...He sustains me, but am getting weary...please pray for me. Thank You, keep up the great work!!! your brother in Christ (who loves you), brian
  • vHmsoCUwuPibXLFIuUB

    I just keep looking at these pics. I show them to aynnoe I can, even strangers lol. Amazing shots and a beautiful family thanks for the memories! (I'm Clifton's sister BTW)